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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Rubber Stamp Business


All businesses and almost all homes need rubber stamps. Apart from the name and address rubber stamp, businesses also require rubber stamps that say things such as SALE, SAVE, and so on. You can easily get into the rubber stamp business at any of two levels. You can market rubber stamps made by someone else or you can make and sell your own rubber stamps. Both these options are very viable businesses and can be conducted from a home office. However, you still need to avoid certain mistakes when you are starting your own rubber stamp business.

Mistake #1 - Don't Start without a Plan

However small your business is, you still need a plan. Though a rubber stamp business is easy to run, you still need to have a business plan. Draw up a plan on how much you will spend on supplies and when you can start expecting a return on your investment. See how many rubber stamps you have to sell per week to break even. Do not forget to calculate your advertising and marketing expenses in the business plan.

Mistake #2 - Don't Expect Immediate Returns

As no business picks up immediately, you need to keep aside some money for living expenses until your rubber stamp business picks up. Your business plan should tell you how long you will have to support yourself before the business picks up.

Mistake #3 - Don't Buy Poor Quality Handles

When you are buying supplies for your business, invest in the best quality products that you can afford. Using poor quality stuff will make your business suffer in the long run. Once the word of mouth report says that you use shoddy quality handles, your business is as good as ruined.

Mistake #4 - Don't Ship Finished Products at Full Cost

As you are going to be a regular customer of shipping services, negotiate with the shipping companies to give you a discount. This way you will save substantially on shipping costs and be able to pass on the discount to your customers by way of lower prices.

Mistake #5 - Don't Neglect the Internet

In these times, everyone checks the internet for a good deal. So, do not neglect this avenue of selling your products. This way, you will soon be a truly global business. Get yourself a well-designed website that is easy to read and order from. Have a pay button installed on the site, so that potential customers can place their orders.

Mistake #6 - Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Check and double check your rubber stamp for misspelled words. Make sure that you produce an exact replica of what was ordered. Incorrect rubber stamps will not do your business any good. One good way to check spellings is to spell out each letter on your order form and then check it against your rubber stamp. This is a sure way of spotting errors in spellings.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you are sure to get your rubber stamp business off to a flying start.

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