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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Floral Design Business


Taking the plunge to begin your own floral design business is exciting and can be profitable if the right steps are taken. Avoiding some common mistakes will help you build success.

Mistake #1 - Having No Floral or Design Experience

Flower arranging and design is a specialty field that does require some level of experience. It is a mistake to think your business will survive without some basic design know-how on your part. If you have worked in floral design before or have even done it as a hobby, you have a good start.

It is recommended that you take at least one or two floral design classes at the local floral design school or even on the Internet. Even with design experience, it is necessary to know flower names and the seasons in which they flourish.

Mistake #2 - Not Having a Niche

It is a mistake not to think about what makes your business unique and different from all the other floral designing businesses. Whether you focus on floral design for wedding parties or centerpieces for corporate events, you need to have a niche.

It may be that all of your designs are created in blue cobalt glass or all of your designs include a personal handmade card. Whatever you decide to do to make yourself stand out, give it your personal touch so customers remember you.

Mistake #3 - Having No Business Plan

Opening a business on a whim will most likely end up in failure. Creating a solid business plan increases your chance of success. You are more likely to qualify for financial assistance with a business plan in place.

A solid business plan should include your growth forecast with a financial picture. It should include your business structure, name and location. It should also include your federal tax ID number.

Before you begin it is necessary to apply for your business license, register your business name and file all the required permits.

Mistake #4 - Meshing Finances

One of the biggest mistakes that new business owners make is to mesh together business and personal finances. It is vital to separate your finances by opening a business bank account. Taking this necessary step will avert confusion at tax time.

Mistake #5 - Having No Promotional Materials

As you begin your business, it is a mistake not to create a business brand for yourself. This should include a logo if you desire, business cards, flyers, letterhead and an internet presence.

There are many websites that can assist you in creating your own business website. It is not difficult or expensive, but it is necessary if you want to create success. It is also simple to create your own business cards that are beautiful and effective.

Mistake #6 - Not Promoting Your Business

In order to be successful, you need to start promoting your business whenever you can. Leave business cards at the bank when you open your business bank account. Leave business cards at the restaurant where you eat lunch. Ask friends to hand out literature for you. Use social networking sites on the internet.

Utilize other small businesses as well. If you specialize in weddings, connect with photographers, wedding planners, etc. Offer to cross promote so you both benefit

The more effort you put into your floral design business, the higher your chance of success. Avoiding these mistakes will also help to ensure your success. Above all, have fun and use your creative talents to your advantage.

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