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6 Hints for Teaching Kids Responsibility


Teaching responsibility to kids may be something that many parents do not take seriously. Perhaps it is because they think this is something that develops on its own, or simply because they do not know how. Whichever their reason, it is important to know that responsible adults are not born; they are trained and taught to be so.

The following are some suggestions to teach kids responsibility.

Hint 1: Give Tasks Appropriate for Their Age

Many parents have that desire to do everything for their child. However, this will not help them grow to be responsible and independent.

As early as 2, kids already have that longing to help in household chores. Indulge them with tasks that you think they can manage (i.e. fix their bed, arrange their toys, set the table). This will not only build their confidence but will also give them enthusiasm for future undertakings. However, do not force them to do something when they are not on the mood nor overwhelm them with too many tasks. Consider your child's temperament and abilities.

Hint 2: Avoid Giving Rewards

Occasional rewards are okay for motivation. But a reward given on every task will not help children realize the value of what they are doing. They will instead just focus on the reward rather on the essence and meaning of the task. Patting them on the back or telling them what a good job they've done will simply do.

Hint 3: Give Recognition When it is Due

Acknowledge your kids when they did something that is responsible. By pointing out a specific deed, your child is more likely to do it again. This will also let them know that you are watching over their actions and would thus enable them to make a conscious effort to perform well.

Hint 4: Talk about Responsibility Often

Discuss with your kids why responsibility is important, and do this often. Repetition will reinforce their understanding about responsibility. Site examples of the consequence irresponsible people would face or what being responsible would do for them. Establish responsibility as your family's value.

Hint 5: Let them Budget Their Money

Budgeting is something a child has to learn as early as possible. Allowing them to manage their money (i.e. allowance, money gift) will teach them to spend only what they have. Encourage your kids to save too. Managing money and saving are two things that even adults struggle with, so train your child early.

Hint 6: Be Your Kids' Role Model

Model responsibility through your actions. Your children expect you to act according to what you teach them. Do not procrastinate, keep your things in order, manage your money well, and always be on time. Doing otherwise will not help in training them to become responsible adults.

Life isn't just about rights. It is also about taking responsibilities. Rearing your child to be a responsible person prepares them to face life's challenges with much enthusiasm and independence.

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