6 Benefits of Water Births


Water births are a great alternative for women who don't want to deliver their babies using conventional means. The innovative birthing technique is safe and gentle and can benefit you and your child for years after your delivery. Here are just a few benefits of water births.

Benefit #1 - Increases Comfort During Childbirth

Childbirth is one of the most excruciatingly painful things a woman can experience. Water immersion can help relieve some of the discomfort and pain of labor and delivery. Immersion offers you greater mobility. While immersed in the labor pool, you are able to change positions more easily and find a pose that is comfortable for you. The water relieves some of the pressure placed on the abdomen. Water can also block impulses from pain fibers and thereby lessen your perception of pain during childbirth. In fact, water is such an effective method of pain management that most women don't use any other form of relief during water births.

Benefit #2 -Increases Efficiency of Labor

Immersing in water not only helps lessen labor pains, it also helps make labor more efficient. The water helps relax the muscles of the pelvic floor and helps labor progress at a faster rate. In fact, many women progress very rapidly after stepping into the pool experiencing what is known as the fetus ejection reflex. You also don't have to fight against gravity so the majority of your energy can be used to get through difficult contractions.

Benefit #3 - Helps More Oxygen Get to the Baby

The buoyancy of the water improves blood circulation and increases the oxygen supply to the uterine muscles. You feel less pain and your baby gets more oxygen.

Benefit #4 - Can Help With Difficult Labor

Water immersion can help progress a difficult and complicated labor. The water can stimulate cervix dilation and help get you into the second stage of labor. The water can help lower blood pressure and alleviate anxiety. When you relax, you are able to focus all your energy on the delivery. The moisture in the air also makes for easier breathing.

Benefit #5 - Lowers Inhibitions

In order to have a successful delivery, you have to be completely committed. Sometimes a woman's inhibitions can slow up labor. Water helps to lower inhibitions and make you more comfortable during the process. The water also softens the vagina and prevent tearing and other injuries.

Benefit #6 -Promotes Stronger Familial Relationships

Childbirth is a miraculous thing. However, the pain involved in labor sometimes deters the father from getting fully involved in the process. However, in water births, your pain is dramatically reduced and this makes it easier for dad to take an active role in the birthing process. The birth becomes a joyous occasion rather than a traumatic one because everyone is participating. This also strengthens the mother and child relationship because you won't immediately associate childbirth with pain. A water birth can be a great way to start a loving, positive relationship with your baby.

Water births offer a lot of benefits to the whole family. It can be a gentle, warm way for you to welcome your little baby into the world.

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