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5 Ways to Make Extra Money From Home


Making money from home is something many people dream of. Why get up and deal with a terrible commute, working around someone else's schedule when the option to work from home in pajamas is available? It may take some research, dedication and hard work, but finding jobs from home is possible. Take a look at these 5 ways to make extra income from working at home:

1. Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing involves promoting a product or service through the Internet to earn money.This job takes time to build, and there are several different affiliate programs available for people to join and market. By building an informative website around affiliate products and carefully placing ads throughout the site, people can earn money from each purchase and ad click. These kind of jobs from home require dedication, because the website must have a steady stream of traffic to become profitable. Consider having a small amount of start up income to spend on advertising after the website is set up.


2. Freelance Writing


For those who love to write and learn, there are several different freelance writing opportunities available, and for many of them, no experience is required. Freelance writing jobs involve creating content for use with websites and magazines. Though some jobs may trust writers without a portfolio, building a strong portfolio will increase marketibility to clients. Some websites exchange upfront payment for residual income--a share of the money the site makes--based on the number of times your articles are read. Many freelance writing jobs are considered "ghostwriters" because the writer releases the content rights to the client. New writers should wait until they've established a strong portfolio before attempting to get in the magazine market.


3. Freelance Web Design


For anyone who has an educational background in web design, or even enjoys web design as a hobby, it is a profitable field where work can easily be done from home. It is important to build a strong portfolio to display your work, especially if you have not received any formal education in web design. Many online schools make it easy to get a degree from home, too. There are many different places to go to find projects and all it takes is a website and some promotion to build up a steady business. If investing in commercial software is not an option due to financial constraints, there are many open source--free--software options available to help get started.


4. Freelance Photography


For those who enjoy photography and have a good digital camera at hand, there are many different websites that will pay for stock photography. Stock photography is used by graphic designers, web designers, Internet marketers and many other people for a variety of projects and applications, so the need for photos is large. It may take some practice and time to get in with some of the sites, so be patient and work on ways to improve photography skills for the best results. Though you don't have to be a professional to succeed in this area, skill is definitely important, so consider taking some courses at the local community college if possible.


5. Transcription


Many typing jobs from home are scams--claiming people can earn a high hourly wage simply by typing ads for programs such as Google AdSense. This does not, however, mean that all typing jobs aren't legitimate. Transcription involves typing scripts of audio--usually meetings or course lectures. Many transcription companies hire people to work from home. Some of them require a high typing speed of around 75 to 85 words per minute, and others are willing to let people who type slower work, too. Sometimes, a foot pedal is required along with a headset, as many of the jobs are transcribing audio.


These jobs are suitable for those who are looking for part time work, as well as for those looking for full time work. These jobs are all great ways to earn extra income, and if and when the time comes, may be enough to allow a person to transition to full time work from home (to leave the day job and support the family).

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