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5 Ways a Mother Can Bond with Her Teenage Son


It can be a challenge for moms to spend quality time with their teenage sons. Often a busy mother might feel successful if just a few minutes were spent with a son who has his own busy schedule. Sadly, these short moments could be wasted with the details of the time he needs to be home and so forth.

As a mother, you need to find ways to bond with your teenager to be more than a manager of his life. The reality is that teenagers are torn between asserting themselves as adults and being children that need reassuring. Teenagers are more vulnerable than they will let on. If you do not reach out and provide the nurturing and reassurance that your teenage son needs, it is likely that he will try to meet his needs elsewhere; this could make him more vulnerable to pressure from peers. This often leads to bad associations and complicated situations that could dramatically affect the entire family. Thus the reasons for bonding with your teenage son are greater than just finding an enjoyable way to spend time. But how will you able to do this as a mother?

Seek the Opportunity by Doing Simple Tasks Together

You can ask your teenage son to help you with household chores such as dinner, cleaning out the backyard, or even doing the laundry. If you do a task together, a conversation usually starts. Of course, it will be difficult to start a conversation while mowing the lawn, so try to start a meaningful conversation while raking leaves or weeding out the flower garden. Doing a task with your son not only gets the job done faster, but it also gives you the opportunity to bond with him.

Plan an Occasional Outing Together

This is one of the basic ways to bond with your kids because it provides so many opportunities for a heart to heart talk. Outings with your son will also provide an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. You may want to take a hike, go fishing, or participate in activities that you both enjoy doing. This type of activity is usually done by father and sons, but moms can also do it with their teenage sons with positive results.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and get in Touch with Your Inner Man

It can be hard for moms to relate to their son's passion for man stuff such as video games, cars, and annoying rock music. But sometimes you have to get in touch with your inner man in order to reach your teenage son's heart and mind. You may want to take him to shop for a video game or a CD. Or you can also ask him about car stuff occasionally.

Gender Stereotypes are not a Problem

Your teenage son will not become less of a man if you ask him to join you in doing stuff which are often considered womanly such as baking a cake or decorating the house. Aside from having the opportunity to bond, you are also helping your teenage son to be more accepting of others if he is exposed to a wide range of activities.

Ask for Tips from Other Men in Your Life

If you want to get into the male brain, ask your husband, father, a male relative or friend for advice. Try to ask for input so you will know how to reach your teenage son's feelings

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