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5 Virtual Call Centers That Hire Canadians

No matter how many hours of work you need or what your sales or telecommuting experience is, there are many options available for virtual call center jobs. We narrowed down the options for Canadians in search of a virtual call center career. Begin your job search with the following five companies.
A telecommuter call center employee.

Virtual call centers offer a legitimate opportunity for many starting their search for a telecommuting job. These call centers, with representatives dispersed across the country working from home, are a great career option for those with a background in customer service or sales. While these types of positions are often numerous in the United States, there are often not as many options in other countries. Canadians in search of virtual call center jobs may want to use the following five companies to begin their search.

  1. Ipsos NA is a market research company that hires virtual call center agents within the U.S. and Canada. Ipsos agents work from home conducting phone surveys. Surveys are conducted on a wide range of topics according to client needs including political, consumer, and social issues. Pay generally ranges from $8 to $13 an hour. Applicants must be available a minimum of 15 hours per week.
  2. TeleTech includes a global team operating in 24 countries. Much of the company is office-based, but the [email protected] sector of the company uses work-from-home employees offering customer service and support. Home agents work from a number of different countries including Canada, and are hired on as employees receiving an hourly wage plus possible benefits. Agents take incoming phone calls assisting customers with their needs.
  3. Sykes Home offers virtual call center services to clients in a variety of industries, including financial services, health care, travel, and retail. Founded in 1998 and hiring throughout eight different Canadian provinces, this company offers a well established opportunity to work from home. Full-time and part-time positions are available, with pay varying on the assigned client. Call center agents are hired on as employees and full-time employees receive company benefits.
  4. Advanis focuses on market and social research in a number of different sectors. Unlike many of the other companies that are based in the U.S., this company is based in Edmonton and has several other Canadian offices. Telephone interviewers work from home performing phone surveys. No telemarketing is required and scheduling is flexible.
  5. VIPDesk uses virtual brand ambassadors to offer customer service through phone, online, and chat-based assistance for a number of different clients. The company contracts with both part-time and full-time ambassadors with pay ranging from $8 to $13 an hour. Most positions require some type of upselling or sales. Ambassadors work as employees, rather than independent contractors, and in turn receive some company benefits.

Working for a virtual call center is a great option for many looking for either a part-time or full-time telecommuting job. The pay, benefits, hourly commitment, and necessary requirements vary greatly by company. Research each company fully to verify their credibility as well as ensure they are a good fit for your lifestyle. For more information, visit each company website to find out more regarding individual positions, as well as to fill out an online application.

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