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5 Tips to Promote Your Dog Daycare Business


If you are looking for a home business start-up idea, consider opening a dog daycare business. When you think about how many dogs have to be left alone during the day, it's a practical business venture that has potential when you promote it correctly.

Tip #1: It's All in the Name

Well, it's not all in the name, but the name of your business is definitely the first way to promote your business. When you are thinking of a name for your dog daycare business, remember it's the first thing that potential clients will know about you. Your business should reflect your business and be easy to remember.

Be sure about your business name before you register for your business license and have flyers and business cards printed. It's not easy to change the name once it's been established.

Tip #2: Online Advertising

An absolute must in today's business world is getting your business on the Internet. You can do this by building a simple website. There are many self-help and free sites that will enable you to get started with no out-of-pocket expense.

Advertise on Craig's List too. You can place ads for openings in your 'daycare' or you can place ads running specials. Consider whether you will be open to accepting drop-ins or overnights as these will both be draws for customers.

You can utilize City Search and local Google Ads too. Both of these are ways to get your business out there and bring in potential clients.

Tip #3: Use Print Ads

In addition to using the Internet to place ads, there are still the 'old fashioned' print ads. You can use the local newspaper to run ads using cute photos of dogs. Pictures will attract the readers' attention and prompt them to read about your business.

Tip #4: Consider Other Ads

There are other ways to advertise and promote your business that you might initially think are too expensive (but can actually be affordable). One way is to use bench ads. Using your clever ad on a strategically placed bench, such as near a dog park, is a great way to promote your business.

You can try using billboard advertising. Typically, billboard advertising is out of budget range for a new start-up business. However, if you are willing to do a little research, you might find that you can get a huge discount if you are willing to have your ad placed as a filler ad.

Tip #5: Word of Mouth

The best way to promote your business is to utilize your current customers. Offer your dog moms and dads a discount for every new client they bring you. Your business, if run correctly, should be able to promote itself. 

Offer something unique that other area dog daycares don't have. Make your pups happy and keep their tails wagging and watch your business grow.

Promoting your business is a big part of the long term success you want to achieve, so be smart and do your research. There are many affordable and clever ways you can promote your business so your customers become permanent.

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