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5 Tips to Help an Independent Contractor Find Employment


Worthwhile and lucrative independent contractor employment can be difficult to find. Furthermore, even after being hired, there is no guarantee the position will continue. Follow these steps to reduce the time spent looking for employment as an independent contractor.

1. Avoid Overkill

While you might be tempted to look all day, every day for a position, doing so will only result in you becoming more frustrated and over-saturating the market with resumes. Only search for positions two to three hours a day. This all the time you will need to see which new jobs have appeared on the market and apply. Also, use employment search engines to your advantage by setting up daily emails containing listings of new position listings. These emails will reduce the amount of time you spend looking, making your search more productive. Most search engines offer this service.

2. Patience Is a Virtue

Companies that hire independent contractors often do not move quickly. Because such companies often hire multiple contractors at one time, the company will often leave the position announcement up for some time to collect as many applications as possible. While it can be quite frustrating to not receive a quick response to your application, chances are that you will receive a response sometime in the future. However, do not expect every company to respond to your application.

3. Apply Online and Follow Instructions

The majority of companies and employment agencies make online applications available. Online applications are preferred by most employers because they streamline the hiring process. Follow the application directions exactly, and include all required documentation, forms and other requested information. If you send attachments, letters or faxes at a later date, make sure that your name and the position you applied for are visible.

4. Start Small

Do not expect to be hired as an independent contractor immediately, or to be hired for big paying jobs immediately either. The more experience you have as an independent contractor, the more likely you are to receive employment offers, and so it is advisable to take any job coming your way at first. It will not take long before your services are in high demand.

5. Beware of Scams

Be on the lookout for employment that seems too good. If the offered salary seems really high, the company might be fraudulent. Always research a company prior to applying for a position to make sure that the announcement is not a scam.

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