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5 Tips for Starting Out as an SAT Tutor


With the right combination of intelligence and patience, you can be a successful SAT tutor and make a good income in the process. Because the SAT is taken by virtually every high school student wanting to attend college, there is a constant need for SAT tutoring. 

1. Make a Business Plan

Outline your goals for your private tutor business, including how much income you want to make and how many students you want to tutor at a time. Based on this information, you can decide how much you will charge and then compare that number to other private tutors. Use the business plan to decide where you'll work, how you want to advertise your business and to determine your startup costs. 

2. Structure Your Tutoring Sessions

Because every student learns differently, familiarize yourself with several common learning styles. Create SAT tutoring sessions compatible with each style. Use worksheets, guides and practice tests, as well as verbal drilling and discussion to help students learn the material and become confident in their ability to take the SAT test successfully. 

3. Market Your SAT Tutoring Business

Advertising will comprise the majority of your expenses for your private tutor business. Follow the marketing strategies laid out in your business plan and modify them as needed. Your strategies may include:

  • creating a website
  • free online classified ads
  • private tutor directory listings
  • posting fliers at local high schools 
  • setting up a table at high school career days


However you choose to market your SAT tutoring business, remember that your potential customers are the parents of high school students, so be professional and project confidence in credentials. 

4. Offer Promotions

It is difficult to begin an SAT tutor business without references and prior experience. While presenting yourself as a professional via a website or a flier is important, gaining customers may require additional incentives. Part of the start-up cost of your SAT tutoring business should include promotional offers, like a free session, a package deal or a referral discount to attract your first students. 

5. Offer Flexible Scheduling

High school students studying for the SAT may have a busier schedule than yours. Be willing to schedule SAT tutoring sessions at any hour that fits their schedule, including weekends and early mornings. You may also offer to go to them if it is more comfortable for them to concentrate in their own environment. Giving the student their choice of schedule makes your SAT tutoring service more appealing. 

SAT tutoring is a rewarding job for the right person. Create a business plan that outlines the objectives of your business. Plan a marketing strategy and budget the cost of advertising, including business cards, fliers and promotional discounts. Carefully design tutoring sessions for different learning styles so you can help your students succeed. Finally, be professional when promoting your business, and be flexible with scheduling to make SAT tutoring sessions convenient for your students.

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