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5 Tips for Starting a Beauty Consulting Business


If you are considering starting a beauty consulting business, then there are a few things that you should know before jumping right into it. Yes, it is an employment opportunity which can also offer personal rewards, but you should never forget to treat it as a business endeavor as well.

1. Know What You Are Doing

It is important that you understand that the term "beauty consulting" is an umbrella term for several different business options. Some consultants deal directly with hair. These consultants can give you advice as far as color, style, length and hair care. Other consultants work in skin care or makeup. These consultants can give you advice on what products would work best for your type of skin or what makeup would be most beneficial to you. Still, others are focused on clothing. Knowing what direction you, personally, want focus on is a big step.

2. Have a Good Location

Whether you want to rent a booth at a local salon, or you want to work right out of your home, it is important to have a good location. If you want to rent salon space, be sure you understand the terms of the contract (e.g. how much you will be paying per month, if rental and security deposits are required and penalties for breaking the lease and so forth). Also, inquire about opening hours. Find out whether it is possible for you to work before or after the hours currently listed for this establishment. This way you can work around the kids' schedules, and even work after your husband comes home.

If, on the other hand, you want to simply work out of your home, make sure that you have a good clean space so people will feel comfortable. Remember that some people are allergic or afraid of animals, so letting pets roam about while you are consulting is not a good idea.

3. Know What to Charge

Have your prices clearly stated on your brochures, website, etc. People need to know in advance what they are expected to pay. If your services include spending the day shopping with the client, be sure that they know any extra charges that may be incurred up front, such as mileage, lunch or anything else they might not be expecting. It is also better for you to be paid up front, however, if this is not possible, at least equip the client with an understanding of the costs involved. Never let clients or friends "owe" you. Having a PayPal account for people who desire to pay with credit cards is handy and cost effective; it is free to open a PayPal business account.

4. Attend Classes

Always be up-to-date on the latest information. Being good at what you offer doesn't mean you should stop taking classes and learning new information; it will be beneficial to your clients. Look at local colleges and universities for classes that will give your knowledge a boost; you can then deduct them as business expenses.

5. Market Yourself

Always carry business cards with you and sign your emails with your website's URL. You never know when you will meet a new customer.

You must take your beauty consulting venture very seriously and great respect. This is not just a job; this is your own adventure. This means that you need to be professional when representing your business.

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