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5 Tips for Selecting a Small Business Tax Service


Lots of businesses take advantage of a professional small business tax service to help them remain compliant with all issues in the U.S. tax code and to pay their tax bills correctly and on time. When you're looking around for the best tax service to help your work at home or other small business file annually, here are some popular tips from experienced entrepreneurs.

1. Knowledge and Experience

You want to make sure that your tax preparer or tax service has individuals with a lot of knowledge about the U.S. tax code. Practical experience as a CPA or Enrolled Agent is preferable.

2. Find Someone You Trust

Your tax preparer has to be someone who you trust a good deal. This person not only has access to your Social Security number (unless you have an EIN), but is also privy to a lot more details of your financial life. It can seem intimidating letting someone from the outside into the particulars of your small business, so make sure that that person evokes a feeling of trust before you dig into your annual filing info.

3. Making Time for You

Make sure that the small business tax service you choose has time to take you on as a client. Some smaller tax shops and even a few of the larger ones simply get overworked during the regular taxes and cannot easily accommodate new customers. This can cause problems when you need your taxes done on a specific deadline.

4. Tax Shop Specialization

Check whether the shop that you select for your tax preparing is set up to handle your specific type of business. Some tax preparers do better with businesses on the smaller side, and some cater to larger corporation type businesses.

5. Close By

If you will be traveling to your tax shop with any frequency, you'll want to pick a location that easy to get to. See if your chosen tax services have offices in your immediate vicinity or somewhere close to your home office. Even though a lot of tax preparation can now be done by fax and over the phone, you may need to visit the shop to sign or for other important elements of preparation.

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