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5 Tips for Raising Bilingual Children


Raising bilingual children can be an enjoyable experience for both the children and the parents. Bilingual children can form relationships more easily and don't feel isolated from their family members.

1. Start Early

Start talking to your baby in both languages immediately after birth, because children grasp things quickly until they're 12 years old. Speak to your child regularly in the second language, because the more the child is exposed to the language, the more fluently will he speak it.

2. Develop a Strategy

You can decide whether the minority language or both languages should be spoken at home. All family members should be in agreement about teaching the child multiple languages so that there is no stress associated with the learning process. You should be consistent on whatever strategy you decide. One strategy is for one parent to speak one language and the other parent to speak the other, so that the child has equal exposure to both languages on a daily basis.

3. Keep the Child Motivated

Point out the advantages of being bilingual to encourage enthusiasm. Ensure that as the child grows, he doesn't restrict himself to the language he is more comfortable with or the language spoken by his friends at school.

4. Enroll Your Child in Supplementary Classes

If you feel that your child doesn't have sufficient exposure to the second language at home, enroll him in a supplementary class to develop his bilingual skills.

5. Socialize with Bilingual Families

Regular association with other families fluent in both languages can help teach your kids the importance of bilingualism. Your children will enjoy relating to other bilingual children their age and this can motivate them to practice both languages on a regular basis.

Raising bilingual children can prove to be a rewarding experience for the whole family.


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