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5 Tips for Computer Multitasking


Multitasking is all the rage these days. As more and more of the average job gets done by computer, computer multitasking is a must for many busy individuals, from data entry workers to executives. If you're a work at home mom, freelancer or self-employed entrepreneur who needs to make more hours in the day, you can streamline your business processes through the good use of technology that will help you with computer multitasking.

1. Headsets

They may not look pretty, but the kinds of headsets now featured in Bluetooth technology can really help out when you're trying to practice two tasks at once. For those who are wearing many hats in the office, a headset can help out with "typing while you talk" and getting more done in the average hour.

2. Speech to Text Software

Another big time saver is to invest in a speech to text software package. With these innovative new products, you can actually translate your words to the screen, just like doctors and other top professionals do through dictation. Those who want in-office dictation don't even need a human assistant anymore, since modern speech to text programs, aided by high-power algorithms, can really do pretty well at guessing what you're trying to say. You may need a human editor to fine-tune the results, but having speech to text on your site can save you a lot of time during the day.

3. Direct to Database Technology

Another great tool for executives or others on the go is a product that will translate incoming text on computers or smart phones to a server database. If your database is the heart of your company, according client information, product details and more, you can cut your time for some basic communicational tasks by having the power to automatically upload your data into the database.

4. Email and IM

Another big part of modern online communications consists of the many types of email that professionals use. Some rely on hosted email programs, while others operate through MS Outlook or even some kinds of locally supported or industry specific email connections. Optimizing your email can save time, for example, when you fill out your e-signature to give outgoing emails more of a template, so that clients and others instantly get your phone number, job title or other tidbits. Having instant message programs or IM helps to get more messages out quicker. Think about setting up these basic services for multitasking victory.

5. KVM Switches

Another kind of technology also helps busy computer users to up the ante for effective multitasking. KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse switches) help to make one peripheral effective for more than one computer hard drive. These tools can help you set up effective command centers that empower you to do more from your home office.

All of the above represent modern tools that professionals use to do more within their day. Think about investing in any that make sense for your busy office.

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