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5 Things to Consider Before Working from Home

The transition from a desk job to working from home may be a bit difficult, but with discipline and hard work, you can be a success story. A WAHM shares the challenges everyone faces when working from home.

Most people have dreamed about the advantages of working from home, including me. I was the mom that wanted to be home with my kids, not miss a soccer game, or my child’s first step. I yearned to ditch the commute and office politics and trade it in for the chance to work from home in my blue jeans or sweats.

I’ve been lucky to have been working from home for the past twenty years, but it hasn’t been without its myriad of challenges. You may also be hoping to work from home, but ask yourself, is it right for you? Below are some things to consider before making the jump.

1. The Environment
If you are used to the noise and commotion of a corporate office, brace yourself for the quiet and solitude of home. Yes, the kids and husband may be there in the afternoons and evenings, but if they are gone all day, will you withstand the solitude? Can you work alone? And when the kids are at home are you able to work around the chaos?

2. Focus
When there’s laundry to be done or dishes in the sink but you’re 20 miles away at the office, it’s not much of a distraction. My mom always said, “out of site out of mind”. But if you are working at home and there are chores to be done, can you put them on the back burner until your work is completed for the day? In other words, are you easily distracted or can you prioritize and stay focused?

3. Self-Motivated
Without any supervisors hanging over you, can you stay motivated and on track to get the job done? Are you disciplined enough to get up, grab your coffee, and commute down the hall to your home office and get to work? What if the phone rings and a friend wants to go to lunch? Will you have the will power to say, “I’m working?” Working at home can offer a flexible schedule around the family and outside interest. However, you also have to be your own best boss and know how to say no. The first word in “Work At Home” is work.

4. Hobby vs. Job
Many WAHMs have hobbies where they can make things and sell them online. But let’s be honest — if you’re expecting to turn a hobby into a steady income, it becomes a job. Make sure that if you are monetizing your hobby may that the enjoyment out of it, and that you will have to set parameters. One problem with turning the hobby into an income is family and friends often expect it for free.

5. Scheduling
Your family always comes first, but your job needs to be a priority, too. Are you good at juggling events, doctor appointments, and conference calls? When you work at home, you don’t clock in or out, which means you must always stay organized. Whether it’s scheduling around naps, soccer games, or dinner, you must always be on top of everything. Take a planner and write in the non-negotiable. This might be the doctor appointments, parent-teacher meetings or a number of other things that occur in your personal life. Then take a realistic look at where you can schedule in the work hours. Learn to leverage time and how to multitask. Taking the kids to the park can present the opportunity for a phone call or some number crunching while the kids play.

So what are the benefits?

There are a ton of benefits that I have enjoyed for years. I was very good at scheduling and getting things done, so I was able the catch the important moments in my child’s life. Sometimes the house was dusty but by working at home meant my kids knew that I was always available, because I always believed that the dishes could wait but my kids could not. My children are now older which means I have more time to work, and I love it! I make an amazing income with benefits. What was a small office with a telephone, desk, and computer became a home career producing a six figure income.

As a WAHM for 20 years, I can tell you that it may not be for everyone. But, if you are willing to develop the discipline, focus, and organization skills, you might be a great candidate. I can tell you personally, it is “The Best of All Worlds!”

Looking for a Work At Home Job?

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