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5 Telecommuting Jobs You Can Do in Your Spare Time

With the school year kicking off and holidays coming up, a few extra bucks can be much needed this time of year. These five jobs offer a higher earning potential and can be done on your own schedule.

Whether you want to supplement your income, earn a little extra cash for the holidays or finally pay off some bills, working from home part-time is a realistic and attainable solution.

To get you started on your search for virtual work, here’s a list of the top five hottest telecommute jobs you that can do in your spare time:

Graphic Designer
Hourly Earnings Potential: $20 - $50

If you’re a creative-type with a keen aesthetic, why not utilize your artistic talents as a remote Graphic Designer? Most businesses with an advertising presence can use the talents of a Graphic Designer to create logos and develop images for websites, product illustrations, and advertising messages.

Happily, learning graphic design is something you can do outside the classroom – all you need is a computer, a program like Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator, and a little time to practice and develop your skills.

Internet Assessor
Hourly Earnings Potential: $10 - $15

Do you have an eye for detail and a strong interest in the Internet and social media? A work-at-home job as an Internet Assessor could be the part-time job for you. Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. and Leapforce, Inc. frequently seek Internet Assessors to review search data and help improve the quality of search engines like BING and Google.

Hourly Earnings Potential: $10 - $30

Companies like, Kaplan, Inc., Pearson PLC, and Smarthinking, Inc. regularly hire telecommute Tutors in a variety of subjects to provide online lessons to students at all learning levels.

Your income from an online tutoring job will depend on your credentials and experience. While it’s possible to work as a tutor with no previous teaching experience, certified teachers earn a higher hourly rate than non-credentialed tutors.

Translator or Interpreter
Hourly Earnings Potential: $18 - $35

Capitalize on your bilingual language skills by working as a Translator or Interpreter. Translators convert written text from one language to another and Interpreters work with spoken or sign language. Candidates who speak global languages like Spanish, French or Portuguese are always in demand, but so are those with fluency in languages, such as Zulu and Sinhalese, that aren’t as widely spoken.

Schools, educational companies, language service providers, and customer support organizations regularly recruit bilingual candidates for part-time telecommute work. Employers recruiting most often for these jobs include Appen, LanguageLine Solutions, CyraCom International, Inc., and American Journal Experts.

Freelance Writer
Hourly Earnings Potential: $10 - $25

Freelance writing is the king of part-time telecommute jobs because it doesn’t require specialized equipment or phone work. As long as you meet your deadlines and produce quality content, you can write from anywhere.

When applying online for part-time writing jobs, be wary of employers who ask you to submit content upfront. Reputable employers will ask for writing samples or URLs to your previously published work. If you’re new to freelance writing and don’t have any published writing samples, start a personal blog to showcase your talent.

These five options for online work are just the tip of the telecommuting iceberg. As you embark on your at-home job search, remember that remote jobs are not unique unto themselves – practically any job conducted onsite can also be performed from a remote location.

This article was sponsored by Virtual Vocations, and was written by Kimberly Back, Social Media and Content Manager at Virtual Vocations.

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