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5 Study Tips for Your College Bound Teen


When it's time to ship your "grown-up kids" off to college, send them packing with some study tips to give them the best chance of using their college years to their full advantage. Teens who actively prepare to do well in college will get much more out of their critical and often expensive undergraduate years.

1. Invest in Study Gear

In order to do well in most college programs, students should have the right tools. This includes proper notebooks and binders for keeping each study subject in its own organized spot. It also means not skimping too much on textbooks, where avoiding expensive books can sometimes detract from full participation in a class. Some students even benefit from bringing additional study lighting or desks from home.

2. Plan for Dorm or Off-Campus Living 

If your college students don't have their basic needs met, it's going to be hard for them to focus on studying. Plan ahead to either participate in your plan or figure out how to get access to the kitchen if your student is going to be cooking her own food.

3. Find Quiet Places 

In some cases, you and your college student may be able to do some preliminary investigation during an initial campus tour. For good studying, it's critical to have the right environment, whether it's the university library, study rooms, or anywhere else without a lot of noise and distraction. Experienced students know that the dorm is not always the best place to study, especially considering what kind of roommate they draw. Help your teen be prepared for eventualities by finding solid study spaces that they will have access to on a routine basis.

4. Recommend Finding Good Influences

This may not be something that your incoming college student thinks about at registration time, but the people that he is surrounded with will have quite an impact on his eventual education and study success. Encourage your child to find the kinds of networks and friend groups that will promote studying hard through positive peer pressure, instead of dragging your kid down with constant distractions and an unhelpful approach to the true purposes of college life.

5. Encourage Practice Activities Planning

Some students end up getting bogged down in negative emotions during their freshman year. Being away from family and even their home state can depress some students. That's where activities planning can come into play. Encourage your teen to choose activities that will help fill out their extracurricular resume while accommodating necessary study time. Try to ensure that your kid will be active in college life rather than spending that first year moping around in despair.

Having a good game plan before going to school can help undergraduates truly get more out of their college experience, and use it as a springboard to the eventual successful career that they are expecting.

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