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5 Simple Birthday Party Ideas for Teens


Teens can bring a lot of life to your family, and can also bring some challenges: one being birthday party ideas. How can you plan a party that is cool enough for your teen? Try some of these ideas ...

1. Crafting Party

Teens love making things. What is a craft your teen enjoys? Many girls love working with beads or other jewelry findings; boys may enjoy making a wood craft or tie dying shirts. For some crafts, you can purchase items and have the party at home.

2. Sports Party

Most teenagers enjoy sports; plan a party themed around your teen's favorite sport. For football fans, plan a party during a big game. All you need to provide is the television and plenty of snacks, and your teens will be happy.

If your teen would rather be active than watch, plan a party at a skating rink, miniature golf course or pool. Teenagers usually prefer a party with little adult direction and involvement, so you will just need to set up the location and supply the food!

3. Scavenger Hunt Party

If you're up for a bit more effort, plan a scavenger hunt for your teen's party. Take the kids to a local mall and give each pair a sheet of questions to answer (How many stores are in the mall? What store is on the left of Sears? Get the autograph of an employee at Dairy Queen, etc). You can end the party at the mall's food court and award prizes to everyone (along with birthday cake).

4. Outdoor Party

Outdoor parties are popular choices for teens, and they're great for parents because you don't have to worry about a mess in the house. Some options:

  • Bonfire party - great if you have an area to build a bonfire, make s'mores, roast hotdogs, etc. Put up a tent or clear out the garage if you'd like a protected area for the kids to listen to music and visit.
  • Halloween party - if your teen's birthday is in the fall, Halloween parties outdoors are lots of fun. Create a haunted maze outside for the kids to navigate, after dark if possible.
  • Amazing Race party - similar to a scavenger hunt detailed above, this party involves giving each pair of teens a list of tasks to complete in the neighborhood (get an empty toilet paper tube from a neighbor, pick a leaf from a tree on lot 4, etc) in a race.

5. Slumber Party

Teens love to talk and spend time together, and a slumber party is a great place to do that. Provide your basement or living room, a movie to watch and food, and your teens will have a lot of fun just "being."

Most of all, teens like to feel listened to. Sit down with your teenager and ask him what type of party he would like. Chances are, he'll give you plenty of birthday party ideas to work with.


Susan Braun is a freelance writer living with her husband, three daughters, 2 rabbits, 2 gerbils and hedgehog in Indiana.  She writes at and Associated Content.

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