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5 Recommended Clothes for Breastfeeding Moms


Aside from providing the baby with essential nutrients needed for the first months of life, breastfeeding moms also experience a closer bonding with their little ones in every intimate nursing session. This unique opportunity to bond during breastfeeding is an endearing foundation for a strong mother-and-child relationship. But in order to enjoy the comforts, breastfeeding moms need to choose nursing clothes that will provide easy access to a mother's breast especially when mom and baby are out in public.

Nursing clothes include tops, dresses, and bras. Here are some comfy garments that allow easy and discreet breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Bras

A supportive nursing bra is a basic need for all breastfeeding moms. Mothers can choose from among different styles, basing on the kind of breast support needed. There are underwire and non-underwire bras; the choice is up to you depending on your preference. Although underwire bras can be a bit discomforting, they still provide stronger support than the non-underwire type. Breastfeeding bras that come with flaps are also very helpful since they can be pulled down during breastfeeding, usually from the top of the bra near the straps. Make sure you can easily manage these flaps especially under difficult positions.

Breastfeeding Pads

These pads are important for a good breast care. They are intended to either absorb or prevent the gush of breast milk when you're not nursing. Choose silicone pads that are breathable and comfortable to wear.

Breastfeeding Tops

Feeding the baby in public would be easiest and subtle with a breastfeeding top. The front of the top has two layers; the inner layer goes just right below the breast and can be easily lifted for baby to find your milk. The outer layer will be in place to conceal your breasts while baby is comfortably sucking inside. There are also breastfeeding tops that have slits at the center of the breast area which serve as a nursing opening whenever your baby wants milk.

Breastfeeding shirts and tops are most ideal for casual outings like going to the park, coffee shops or restaurants. This type of nursing clothing provides easiest access to your milk at the same time give your breasts extensive coverage; especially when you're around many people.

Breastfeeding Dresses

These would be perfect for breastfeeding moms who are attending social gatherings with the baby. Breastfeeding dresses normally have low necklines for easy openings and side gatherings to compliment your body shape. They usually have dark colors which are elegantly suited for special occasions.

Breastfeeding Sleepwear

Feeding the baby in the middle of the night can be quite a struggle especially when you're groggy and visibility is low. With very low necklines, breastfeeding sleepwear lets you feed the baby easily at any hour during the night. They are also appropriately designed to let you sleep comfortably in between feeding periods.

Whatever type of breastfeeding clothes you choose, the important thing is that you are comfortable wearing it and the modesty you require when breastfeeding is aptly provided.

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