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5 Reasons to Improve Your Touch Typing Skills


Improving your touch typing skills will do wonders for your productivity, which may help you make more money. Typing by looking at the keyboard (often referred to the "hunt and peck method") slows you down and will frustrate you when you have to work on lengthy projects. If you're looking for reasons to motivate yourself to learn how to type well, consider these:

1. You'll Think More Clearly

Hunting and pecking at keys is just not an option if you're a writer or have to write from time to time for your business. You may get the job done eventually, but you miss out on the opportunity to think freely about the ideas you're trying to convey. It creates extra work for you in the long run through the editing and proofreading process, and it minimizes your creativity.

2. You'll Get More Clients

The extra time it takes to peck at keys could be better spent marketing yourself or applying for freelance jobs. For example, a simple email can take 3 times as long to type because you have to try to think about what you want to say, hunt the keys and then look at the screen to make corrections. Learn to touch type, and you'll cut down that time to at least half. You'll also be able to apply for more jobs that require you to submit an online form or application.

3. You'll Have More Time for Family

In addition to the extra time you'll earn to land new business or a job, you'll also get more free time if you improve your touch typing skills. Running a business or working from home is already time consuming. You don't want to waste any of those minutes typing if you don't have to. You can use the time you save to be with your family, and tend to their needs. Even if improving your skills only saves you 10 minutes a day, that's 10 minutes that could be spent throwing a ball with your child, or joking around with your spouse.

4. It's Good for Your Health

Working from home requires some or most of your time typing on your computer every day. This can create a problem for your neck, arms and shoulders if you don't sit and type correctly. You can hurt your muscles and cause stress to your joints. Touch typing helps to alleviate these health risks because you're not caught in the cycle of constantly looking down at your keyboard and up at your screen. You're looking at your screen most of the time, which will also help you maintain a proper sitting poster.

5. You Reduce Errors

A huge benefit of touch typing is the reduction of typos and other errors. Your fingers become accustomed to typing words correctly with more practice. This helps you to write freely, focus on your ideas, and it saves time in proofreading.

Learning how to improve your touch typing skills is worth your time. Type "free online touch typing" into your favorite search engine, and you can start learning today.

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