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5 Rainy Day Activities to Do with Kids


It is raining outside, the kids are bouncing off of the walls, and you are in need of rainy day activities to keep them entertained. There are a variety of activities that can be done with any aged children to keep them occupied indoors when going outside is not an option.

1. Cooking

Kids of all ages enjoy cooking and baking. Put your aprons and chef hats on and set the oven to pre-heat as you teach your children about cooking and create a yummy treat. Whether your children are assisting with making a special recipe for lunch or baking sugar cookies for decorating, working together in the kitchen is a great way to create memories that last forever.

2. Arts and Crafts

What child does not enjoy sitting down with a craft box bursting at the seams with paper, markers, glue, sequins, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners and other craft materials? Whether you have a planned activity in mind or you are letting the children use their imaginations to create a masterpiece of their own, arts and crafts are a wonderful way to keep children occupied, while still being educational. For younger children, you can use art and craft time as a way to review shapes, colors, scissor skills and patterns. Older children can create more complex projects that are still educational.  You might consider origami, building a fort out of cardboard boxes or making a guitar out of a cereal box.

3. Indoor Games

From board games to scavenger hunts, games are a favorite of children and adults. On rainy days, bring out several different board games and let your kids decide what to play. If board games are not an option  or you have declined round 34 of Monopoly Junior, consider going on a rainy day scavenger hunt. This can be done one of two ways. First, create several rain drop or umbrella cut-outs from construction paper and tape them around the house. Set a timer and send your kids off to find all of the cut-outs. Second, you can create a list of objects around the house to be found. Give each child a list of things to find, either separately or together, which will enforce teamwork. Depending on the age of the child, the items can be easy or challenging.

4. Establish a Rainy Day Fund

Encourage your children to deposit their spare change into a family bank that can be used on rainy days. Parents can empty their pockets at the end of the day and children can earn money be performing extra chores or scour the couch cushions for loose change. Use this rainy day fund to take the children to your local children's museum, where they can play indoors with a variety of educational exhibits. Other options include going out for lunch to your child's favorite restaurant or spending the money on a new toy or game at the toy store.

5. Other Ideas

Sometimes, you simply cannot have enough ideas for rainy days. Here are a few extra ideas:

  • Paint fingernails
  • Puppet shows
  • Act out a play
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Play dough

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