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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an MCAT Tutoring Business


If you have a medical background, or you are just very good at tutoring students, then you might be interested in starting your own MCAT tutoring business. The Medical College Admissions Test, or MCAT, is the required test for students seeking admission to medical school. Since this test is so important to the medical school application process, it is imperative that students do well on it. However, it is an extremely difficult test to take, and many students will need tutors to help them prepare for it.

An Attractive Low Cost Business

An MCAT tutoring business has very low start-up costs compared to other businesses. You can set your own hours, and some tutors can make as much as $40 per hour. As in any business, there are a variety of mistakes that you can make when starting your own MCAT tutoring business, and below are 5 mistakes you should strive to avoid:

1. Not Having Adequate Skills

All businesses require basic skills in organization, marketing and accounting; a successful business demands that you grow beyond the basic skill level. You should also have the required skills to be a good tutor (e.g. expertise in subject areas and teaching skills).

2. Forgetting to Market to Unconventional Clients

Don't restrict your marketing efforts to college students who are currently enrolled in pre-med programs. Consider advertising at employment agencies, networking at alumni events for your own university and creating a website. In addition, you might also want to reach out to your friends and use word of mouth to spread the news about your endeavors. Always carry business cards with you.

3. Neglecting to Make a Business Plan

Know what services you will offer, where you will do the tutoring, what supplies you need, how much money you will need for start-up and what your market is. A business plan is very useful when asking the bank for money, and it is helpful in guiding you too.

4. Forgetting to Look Professional

This means that you should use an official letterhead, business cards and a professional looking, quite space for tutoring. It can be just be a corner of your living room, however, a dedicated space in your home will prevent interruptions if other family members are at home (and will help create a better impression for your business). Clutter and lack of organization are detractions that are easy to avoid.

5. Neglecting to Be Up-to-Date

Make sure that your MCAT tutoring materials are relevant. Always stay up to date with the latest versions and changes. You will harm your business and clients if you aren't able to provide them with the best and most recent information.

Sign up for some tutoring web groups and check for new information on a weekly basis. Be the "go to" person by knowing practical information such as testing dates and locations. Your students will look to you as an authority when you deliver extra value; afterall, they are paying you to keep them informed.

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