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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an LSAT Tutoring Business


One way to work from home is to start a professional LSAT tutoring business. The start-up and overhead costs are very low, and the main thing you need to be an LSAT tutor is knowledge and experience with the LSAT exam. Regardless of how easy it may sound, keep in mind the following 5 common mistakes that beginning LSAT tutors make.

1. Neglecting to Prepare

Just because you've passed the LSAT yourself doesn't necessarily mean that you're automatically a capable LSAT tutor. Read books and blogs about LSAT tutoring and teaching methods, and be prepared to handle each student in a unique way that suits their personality and learning style.

2. Lack of Materials

Because the start-up costs are so low for an LSAT tutoring business, you have every incentive to research what kinds of materials, including pre-tests, study guides and teacher guides are available. Some of these materials you will find for free, some you'll have to purchase. Aside from your ability to assess a student, convey information and open up the door to understanding; your LSAT resource materials are the most valuable business tools you possess.

3. Failure to Address Student Mistakes

In order to be a good LSAT tutor, you must be able to determine your students' weak areas. Many of them will tell you, and some you must ascertain for yourself. If the student has failed the LSAT exam previously, they should be able to tell you about their trouble spots. From there, it should be part of your service to prepare a plan to help them better grasp and relate to difficult material.

4. Lack of People Skills

To be successful in the LSAT tutoring business, you must produce results so that your students will recommend you to others. In order to help students pass the LSAT exam, you must be able to communicate with them effectively.

5. Setting Your Fees Too High or Too Low

LSAT tutoring can be a lucrative business. Before you get started, research the income range for private LSAT tutors in your area. It may be a good idea to start near the bottom of the range, but avoid going any lower. It de-values your time to charge a fee that is lower than the going rate. And, you will likely be a better LSAT tutor if you feel good about the money you're being paid for your service. If you charge fees that are too high before you acquire some experience, you may find it difficult to win clients.

The LSAT tutoring business is a rewarding business for someone with the appropriate knowledge and experience, as well as the desire to pass that knowledge on to others. Being an LSAT tutor is also appealing because of the low start-up and operating costs. If you can keep from making a few simple mistakes in the beginning, it will be difficult to fail at this work-from-home business.

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