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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Skin Consulting Business


If you have decided to start your own skin consulting business, more than likely you have already been doing some research on it. The initial excitement of venturing out on your own can lead you to make some mistakes, however, and cause you to have mass oversight on some important issues. Continue reading to find out 5 mistakes that you should avoid when starting a skin consulting business, so that you can begin on the right foot.

1. Not Having a Business Plan

This cannot be emphasized enough. Although you might not think that you will need one, you will. A business plan does many things. It states what your market is; how you are going to promote your skin consulting business; how much money you need to operate it; what expenses you will have associated with it; how you are going to operate your business; if you will need any employees; where your business is going to be located; and how you expect your business to perform.

Although your skin consulting business might not feel like a "real" business due to the fact that you won't be working for anyone else (and you might have your office out of your home), you will still need to know these things. For one thing, you'll have to show your business plan to your bank if you apply for a loan. For another thing, plotting it all down beforehand will give you an idea of how your business is going to run.

2. Not Having an Advertising Plan

If you don't advertise your business, then how are people going to be able to find you? You need to know where you are going to advertise, what your market is, and what your advertising budget is. There are some great free ways to promote your business online. A quick search on the Internet will yield dozens.

3. Not Knowing the Latest Trends

You should be up to date on all of the latest trends. In the skin care industry, new products and ideas are being developed every day. Your customers will come to you expecting you to be well-informed on these.

4. Not Having a Good Office Space

If you are working out of your home, then you need to make sure you that at least your office space, or where you are going to meet with clients, is clean and professional looking. Do not allow your pets into this area, keep the television off, and try not to schedule appointments when your children are around. Your client deserves your full attention.

5. Being Lax about Payment

Always require payment up front. Set up a Pay Pal account for credit cards. Don't allow anyone to owe you money because you may never see it, even if they are a friend. Be firm in expecting upfront payment, and make sure that your clients know your cost when they make an appointment with you.

Avoid these 5 mistakes and get your skin consulting business off to the right start!

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