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5 Key Skills to Highlight in Your WAHM Resume


Writing a resume that includes experience gained from working at home is not much different from writing a regular resume. But there are some areas in which your WAHM skills beat the in-office competition. Here’s what you should be highlighting.

Organizational Skills

It’s easier to stay organized when the boss can drop in on your office at any moment. Not so much when the only one seeing your messy home office is your cat. Keeping your office organized is crucial to work at home success. It’s also a sign of respect—not only to your job, but to yourself.

Dedication and Professionalism

Sure, it was fun gabbing with the gals at the office but that doesn’t even compare to a Real Housewives marathon on Bravo! It takes sheer discipline—and professionalism—to keep yourself sitting at your desk and working when the TV calls your name, especially when your boss is not around to reprimand you.

Superior Communication Skills

When you worked in an office, you could always stroll down the hallway if you needed some clarification from a colleague. Now, you stroll down the hallway and you’re in your kitchen. Working at home requires excellent communication skills, especially when an email or an IM is unclear. Being vocal about your queries also lets your boss know that you’re serious about your job.


From your mother calling to your dogs looking longingly at you for a walk, there are incessant interruptions when you work at home. These calls for your attention are something that you simply don’t have to deal with when you work in an office. Being able to avoid distractions (yes, even Facebook counts as one) and concentrate on your work is a definite advantage.

Time Management Skills

When you can start—and end—your work day as you please, it’s easy to let the hours slip by. Being able to keep track of time—and stay on top of your work—without a boss breathing down your neck is a skill coveted by all employers.

When you are revamping your resume, you should definitely utilize your work at home strengths to your advantage. After all, these skills will be beneficial for any job that you apply for in the future.

Jennifer Parris is the Career Writer for FlexJobs, an award-winning service that helps job-seekers find professional opportunities that offer work flexibility, such as telecommuting, freelance, part-time or alternative schedules. To learn more about Jennifer, visit or tweet @flexjobs.

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