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5 International Companies for Moms Who Want to Work Remotely

Working from home allows you the freedom to just about apply for any remote job, anywhere. Expand your search to include international companies to give you the most robust results.

One of the coolest factors about working at home means that you have a wide variety of flex-friendly companies to choose from. But if you thought that your job search stopped within the U.S. borders, think again. There are many international companies that are hiring remote workers. Here are just five international companies for moms who want to work remotely—no borders required.

This list of five top international companies was culled from the FlexJobs annual list of the 100 top companies with remote jobs. These businesses were among the 100 top-ranking companies that hired for the most remote worker jobs in 2016.


Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Based in the Emerald Isle, Allergan is a global pharmaceutical company that focuses on women’s health, urology, cystic fibrosis, and infectious disease. It is the third-largest genetics manufacturer in the United States.

Current flexible jobs with Allergan:

Sales Representative; Strategic Account Manager; Business Development Manager


Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Worldpay is a top global payment processor, processing 35.8 million transactions daily. The company is headquartered in London, but has a U.S. base in Atlanta, Georgia. The company employs over 4,500 people in 25 locations spanning 11 countries.

Current flexible jobs with Worldpay:

Content Marketing Manager; Regional Account Executive; Senior Manager, Compensation and Benefits

BCD Travel

Headquarters: Utrecht, Netherlands

If traveling with your family is your thing, a remote job with BCD could be a great fit. The global travel management company offers services such as managed travel and business travel consulting. It also supports initiatives to make the workplace better, and boasts strong humanitarian efforts including the Haiti Project, which provides education to underprivileged children in Mirebalais, Haiti.

Current flexible jobs with BCD Travel:

Program Manager; Global Account Manager - Corporate Travel; Meeting Coordinator

Cactus Communications

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

A leading communication solutions provider, Cactus Communications offers training, education, and transcription services, as well as English-language workshops, medical communications, and scientific and academic editing, among other translation services designed to “enable growth through effective communication.”

Current flexible jobs with Cactus Communication:

Japanese to English Translator; Medical Writer; Regulatory Specialist


Headquarteres: Chatswood, Australia

Appen is a global speech and language technology services company. Appen also offers language resources, text, and search, and offers language capability in over 150 languages.

Current flexible jobs with Appen:

Social Media Evaluator; Pronunciation Specialist; Web Search Evaluator

As you go about your remote job search, you can expand your search to include international companies to give you the most robust results—and find a work-at-home job that gives you flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to be with your family, too.

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