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5 Home Office Makeover Ideas for the New Year


A New Year home office makeover can do more than just brighten up a space; it can also help get you in the right mindset to make aggressive business moves around the new year, for a try at proactive growth and better prosperity in the years ahead. Here are some home makeover ideas to get the new year started right:

1. Clean Up

A home office New Year's makeover is a prime opportunity to get rid of some of the clutter that has built up over the year. Rearrange furniture and stow old documentation and other goods to open up space. You'll see a change in how your office looks and how it makes you feel. Forget the spring cleaning and get a jump on clutter from day one.

2. Replace Old Supplies

Nothing says a dated home office like last year's calendar still hanging on the wall. The simple act of pinning up new calendars and other time-and-season-keepers can get you in the mood for revamping your business from January 1.

3. Get a New Central Furniture Piece

Your office may revolve around a good executive chair, a useful desk or an adjacent sofa for taking a break. Any of these can be updated in the new year for a more vibrant home office look. Even just re-arranging your furniture (or as pros call it, "feng shui") can add pizzazz to your home office space. Throwing a colorful blanket or slipcover over an office chair or other piece can also work wonders for the overall mood of your interior space.

4. Paint

Maybe the home office that you originally moved into had drab colors on the walls. Maybe that gray, brown or dark hue isn't catching the light the way it could. Painting in a more vibrant color might actually boost your productivity for the new year, especially if it helps to bring in some of the natural light that you hopefully enjoy. As another alternative, get new drapes, blinds or other window dressings to help let more light in and enjoy a brighter corner of the world to work from.

5. Buy New Office Supplies and Appliances

If the new year has rolled around, you have a brand-new start on tax deductions for your annual filing. This can be the right time to get your hands on a new printer, computer, fax machine, scanner or anything else that will be a benefit to your home business and a possible write-off on the self-employed tax return. Getting new supplies and gear can help give your business a shot in the arm when it needs it, as you face the incoming year and brainstorm for a way to beat all of the new challenges headed your way (while taking advantage of all of those new opportunities).

Any of the above can really improve your home office and get you ready to tackle the year ahead.

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