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5 Flexible Careers for Back to School Moms


Back to school moms may find it difficult to get their act together when it comes to balancing studies and home. And there's the question of getting a job or not. There are bills to pay and a grocery list that's piling up, so there's the need to find a job that is not as rigid as a regular 9 to 5 one.

Flexible careers are those that:

  • Allow flexibility in scheduling and the number of hours worked
  • Provide workers a variety of settings to work in, such as home or satellite locations
  • Enable career flexibility in the entry, exit and reentry of the workforce
  • Allow the worker to address emergency or unexpected family and personal needs

1. Medical Transcriptionist

A majority of medical transcriptionists telecommute from home offices while the rest work in hospitals and physician's offices. If you're a medical transcriptionist, you transcribe and listen to dictated recordings of doctors; simply key the texts into a word processor or computer. Those working in offices also do secretarial work such as receive patients, answer phone calls or schedule appointments.  You may have to undergo training ranging from three months to a year. Mean hourly wage as of 2011 is at $15.84.

2. Freelance Writer

Even if you don't have formal writing experience, there are a lot of opportunities over the Internet where you can put your writing skills to good use. Things to write range from travel articles to product reviews. Search for freelancing sites that offer writing opportunities where you can work from home. Rates usually vary depending on the topic, word count and your writing skills.

3. E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Business-minded back-to-school moms can actually sell their items over the Internet. These items can include spare items at home, unwanted goods in the neighborhood that you can later exchange for a percentage of the profits, or some merchandise you've picked up at a garage sale. You can also tap your creative side and sell handmade items or any of your artworks such as knits, quilts or jewelries.

4. Direct Sales Representative

If you're passionate about selling and have excellent PR skills, try being a direct sales representative. There are literally hundreds of products that you try to sell, just make sure that the product you're selling is something you're passionate about and that you believe in it. Many direct sales businesses offer little start up costs or no registration fees at all. You usually earn through commissions based on the number of products you sell given a particular time frame.

5. Freelance Court Reporters

A court reporter's job is similar as that of a medical transcriptionist but this time around, you get to create verbatim transcripts of meetings, speeches and legal proceedings. Some court reporters also provide real-time translating and close captioning services. If you're doing freelance work as a court reporter, you can work during the evenings, on weekends or during your free time. On call court reporters are also becoming a trend. Mean hourly wage is $24.98 in 2011, and it takes around a year to become a novice voice writer.

There are hundreds of flexible jobs out there for back to school moms; finding the right one is sometimes the tricky part.

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