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5 Fathers Day Crafts for Kids


Fathers Day crafts for kids give children a fun activity and fathers a thoughtful handmade present - a win-win situation! If you're looking for some projects to get the kids started, look no further: these 5 awesome activities are sure to give you some great ideas.

1: Happy Toast

Breakfast in bed is a great way to start the day, and you can get the kids involved by having them make some happy toast. With a butter knife or even cookie cutters, children can cut shapes out of the bread before it is toasted to make a smiling face or whatever else they desire. The bread may then be toasted and served alongside the rest of a delicious, balanced breakfast.

2: Tie Cards

If Dad already has more ties than he knows what to do with, kids can make a tie card as a creative alternative to the traditional tie. Provide different colors of felt and have the kids cut out a tie shape (an inverted triangle on top, and a diamond with an elongated upper half below). They can use craft glue to attach the ties to a card. Whatever else you have (glitter, stickers, markers, etc) may be used to decorate and personalize their cards.

3: Family Portrait

A present which will always be cherished is a hand drawn portrait of the family. Younger children will likely opt for colored markers, while the older ones tend to prefer pencil or pen. Drawing is inexpensive and a great way to give a creative gift from the heart. It can also make a fun annual family tradition, as your children's drawing skills will improve every year and it's interesting to see how it progresses.

4: Personalized Presents

If Dad is a golfer, your kids can send him off on his next golfing adventure with some customized golf balls. Find out what brand of golf ball Dad prefers, and buy a new pack of that brand. Give the kids permanent markers and let them go! Keep in mind that golf balls are white for a reason, to help golfers find them against the grass. Making the golf ball a solid color like yellow or orange is alright, but you may want to hide the green markers.

5: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Many people, boys in general, find it very satisfying to assemble model cars, trains and airplanes. If this is true in your family, then the kids can have a great time assembling a model with their dad (or older children can work by themselves to make a gift). Model kits are fairly inexpensive at stores like Walmart, Fred Meyer or Target and will be found in the toy aisles. Bring the kids along to help pick out the model.

Father's day often takes back seat to Mother's Day, but there's no reason this should be the case. With any of these fun craft activities, your children can help make it a day to remember.

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