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5 Exercise Programs to Fit Your Home Office Schedule

Exercising from home requires a specific routine designed around a unique working schedule.
A mom exercising with her baby.

It's easy to find exercise programs that fitness buffs can follow, but there aren't that many options for work-at-home parents who can barely squeeze in some time to wash their hair. If you find yourself juggling home errands with checking your email, then squeezing in exercise time may be close to impossible. But, exercise programs and regimens need not be completely intense or time-consuming to get in some sweaty sessions. As long as you get your heart pumping, you can get health benefits from your work out. Here are some quick cardio and aerobic exercises that you can do in between your hectic work and home schedule.

1. 60-Second Cardio

It may not seem much, but a little exercise is still much better than none at all. Make use of your waiting time to squeeze in some heart-pumping action. You can do these exercises while waiting for water to boil, while on hold for a phone call, or while downloading an email. Or, you can simply step away from your desk and take a full minute to do any of these short exercise stints:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Jog in place
  • Jump rope, if you don't have a jump rope, just skip alternately between both feet
  • Run up the stairs 2 steps at a time, and run back down

2. 10-Minute Workout

If you're lucky to be able to squeeze in more than a minute and you have 10 minutes to spare, here is a quick series of workouts that work both for your cardio and strengthening. This is also something that you can do at home.

  • Start with a good cardio workout, do 20 jumping jacks
  • Tone your legs by doing 60 leg lifts on each side. If you're a beginner, you can start off with 30 and work your way up.
  • Do 50 crunches. Beginners can start off with 25.
  • Do 10 pushups.

3. Incorporate Activity into Your Day

Instead of taking the car to run an errand, why not try running or biking? If you're walking somewhere, take the longer route. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. When you're doing the housework and you're de-cluttering, put things away one at a time, that way you're encouraged to move around some more. These are just some of the things that may seem more inconvenient, but will actually be better for your heart in the long run.

4. Quick Strength-Building

These are just some quick strengthening exercises you can do just a few steps away from your desk. You won't even have to don workout attire for them. Just squeeze them in while waiting for a website to load.

  • Leg lunges
  • Push ups
  • Sit ups or crunches
  • Squats
  • Bicep curl with canned food

5. Combine Family Time and Exercise

Family bonding times are great opportunities to get your heart pumping. Play ball the kids, throw a frisbee with your hubby, or dance around with your toddler. All these are great ways to bond with your family, and get a good aerobic workout in as well.

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