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5 Essential Tips for Cleaning Baby Bottles

Take these steps to safely clean your babies bottle.
A disassembled baby bottle.

It may seem like a very simple and straightforward task, but many parents actually don't know the first thing about cleaning baby bottles. Bottles that are used by baby cannot be cleaned the same way as your normal dining dishes. Since your baby has not yet fully developed his immune system, he's susceptible to bacteria which you may not be aware of. In order to prevent him from getting sick from a dirty bottle, here are some crucial tips to cleaning baby bottles.

1. Prepare the Right Materials

Washing bottles is not as easy as washing your dishes. You will not want to have chlorine residue in the bottles or have old spoiled milk accumulating in the corners. To make sure your baby bottles are clean and free of bacteria, always have a bottle brush on hand. Use non-chlorinated water, and if possible, use specialized baby bottle dishwashing liquid. These are non-toxic and do not leave any soapy residue.

2. Rinse Baby Bottles after Use

Though you intend to give it a good scrub down, it's advisable to rinse the bottles after every use. This will prevent any old milk and dirt from accumulating in the bottle. If possible, use hot water in rinsing as this will clean it out better.

3. Take Bottle Apart When Cleaning

It may seem tedious to have to take the bottle apart, but this is the best way to clean each one thoroughly. Give the bottle itself, the nipple and the nipple ring a good scrubbing. Nipple rings are susceptible to accumulating dirt.

4. Sterilize the Bottles

Sterilizing the bottles after every wash will be sure to kill all bacteria that may have possibly settled in them. You can do this by washing them thoroughly with hot water or putting it in a hot water bath. Some specialized bottles can even be sterilized in the microwave.

5. Dry the Bottles Well

Moist bottles may begin to harbor fungus and molds on them. Make sure that air can get in the bottles as you're drying them.

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