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5 Diaper Rash Treatment Solutions

Diaper rash treatment can range from natural to dietary to prescription ointment based solutions. Here are five options to consider:

1. Frequent Diaper Changes

Change newborns at least every two hours. Older babies may last a little longer, but don't go over three hours if your aim is to prevent diaper rash in a diaper rash prone baby. Urine and stool irritation is a great cause of diaper rash, so this is the first step. Always change the baby right away if you know he is wet or soiled.

2. Cleanse Well

Clean and wipe the bottom at each changing. Be very gentle with the skin as rubbing may contribute to rash development. Ensure that all urine and stool remnants are wiped away clean. Use wipes that are unscented or try just plain water on a soft cloth.  

3. Change Diaper and Wipe Brands

If you use disposables, try other brands. Use non-irritating brands and ones that fit well with less overall friction. Consider using cloth diapers if there is consistent trouble with disposables. Rinse them with a half cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle or use a service.

4. Diaper Rash Cream

Try natural diaper rash creams that do not contain chemicals or irritants. This can prohibit rashes of many kinds, as sometimes it is chemicals that cause the rashes. Use cream with each diaper changing if your baby is prone to having rashes. Use a petroleum based jelly or an A & D ointment as a preventative daily cream. The white zinc oxide types are thicker and may be necessary for rash-prone babies.

5. Special Treatment for Severe Rashes

The more severe and frequent rashes may require special solutions. Start by cleaning the bottom gently. Then soak in a small tub of warm water which can soothe as well as cleanse. The less tugging at the skin, the better. Pat gently, rather than wipe the sore areas. Blot the baby's bottom dry or let it air dry without a diaper or cream (on a towel with a pad underneath to prevent accidents).

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