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5 Common Distractions You Will Encounter while Working from Home


When working from home there are several different distractions you will encounter, and it is important not to let them affect your work. Here are 5 of the most common distractions that will hinder your productivity while working from home.

1. The Kids

The most common distraction you will likely experience is your children. Depending on their age and whether or not there are siblings around, it may seem impossible to get any work done with them running around and making noise. The easiest way to deal with the distractions from the kinds is to work in blocks, entertaining the children throughout the day, and working through naps. Allow them to play quietly alongside you while you work, and offer rewards for good behavior.

2. The Phone

The phone may ring a lot, especially if friends and family member know you are home. Use a caller ID and voicemail to help you screen calls. If you have to take the call, keep it short. Avoid using the phone while working, unless it is a business related call.

3. The Doorbell

If people love to come by your house or if you have deliveries coming through, you may find yourself distracted by the doorbell often. Keep track of packages so you will know their estimated arrival date, and keep an ear out for a knock on the door. Unless the package needs to be signed for, let it sit until you can get to it. Sometimes the excitment of opening the package will ruin productivity.

If the doorbell won't stop ringing because of friends and family who want to visit, make sure they realize what kind of schedule you work on and let them know to avoid visits during those times.

4. Social Networking

Social networking is a big productivity killer, because it's part of many telecommuting jobs. Many telecommuters promote themselves and their work across several social networking sites, and it is very easy to get caught up in chatting with friends. The more you chat with friends, the less work you are going to get done. If you must use social networking for your job, schedule it, and limit it. Stay "invisible" from chat functions on these sites so people can't really tell you are there, and if someone does see you, tell them you will talk later.

5. Housework

If you have a noisy house full of kids, chances are it will be messy. It may be tempting to clean instead of work, and while that may be necessary from time to time, it is important to separate your housework from your paid work. Think of this way: If you worked a job outside the home, you wouldn't be there to clean during your work hours. Save it for after work.

If you can learn to deal with these 5 potential distractions, you can increase your productivity in the business world. Remember, work hard then play hard.

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