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5 Chores for Kids to Lighten Up Your Workload


Generating a list of chores for kids will help to lighten up your workload. It's essential to balancing your work-at-home job and family life, and your children will learn valuable skills. Doing chores on a daily basis helps to build character, such as responsibility, perseverance and diligence. Here are 5 chores that your kids may be able to do, depending on their ages and abilities:

1. Chores for Kids in the Kitchen

Kids can be very helpful in the kitchen, and many will enjoy the kitchen related chores. Here are some ideas for chores to assign:

  • Load and unload dishwasher, or hand wash and dry dishes
  • Pack and put away leftover foods
  • Prepare foods
  • Older children can cook meals
  • Wipe counter tops and other food prep areas
  • Set table, if you have a eat in kitchen
  • Sweep kitchen floor

Create a list of remaining kitchen chores, and consider which you can assign to your kids. Your job will be to inspect, teach and supervise the process, until your children master their chores.

2. Chores in the Bedroom

Your goal is to get your kids to the point when they can clean their room with little or no supervision from you. Until then, you can assign these chores to teach them those skills:

  • Make beds
  • Fold and put away clothes
  • Vacuum or carpet sweep room
  • Dust furniture, electronics, air conditioners or anything else that collects dust
  • Sort dirty clothes

There will come a day when they can do all of these and more. When that happens, you can check in to make sure it's done.

3. Chores in the Bathroom

Kids can take over all bathroom chores as well. Start them off with these chores:

  • Wash tub after showers
  • Wipe sink and counter
  • Carpet sweep floor or vacuum
  • Wipe bathroom furniture
  • Arrange books or magazines
  • Put dirty towels away, and replace them with clean towels

You have to be very picky about what household cleaners you allow your children to handle. It's better not to give them any with harmful chemicals, which means soapy water for all jobs.

4. Chores Related to Pets

As soon as possible, assign all or most of the responsibility of pet ownership to your kids. Taking care of an animal is one of the most effective ways to teach responsibility, and daily life with a pet creates many chores for kids. Some chores include:

  • Clean litter box
  • Give pets a bath
  • Brush pets
  • Clean food and water bowls and surrounding floor area

Divide chores so that each child is assigned some aspect of caring for pets.

5. Chores Related to Backyard Animals

If you live in a rural area, or in the suburbs and have backyard animals such as chickens or goats, then consider these chores for kids:

  • Feed and water animals
  • Brush hair and groom animals
  • Clean water buckets and food containers
  • Pick up loose chicken feathers from the yard

Use your best judgment as to what chores you should not assign young kids for health and sanitation reasons, such as cleaning the chicken coop. Your teenagers may be able to complete those chores safely, but not younger children.

Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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