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5 Proven Ways To Make Your Biz Op Simply Irresistible

by Sandra Stammberger © 2003

At the dawn of the Internet, business opportunities were a new idea. People flocked to biz op sites in hopes of striking it rich online. However, as scam artists and thieves got hold of the idea, the term "Biz Op" became equal with the term "con artist."

As Web surfers learn to tell the difference between hype and reality, they are looking for solid business opportunities that can give them what they need to succeed. Other biz ops are being overlooked.

So how do you structure your biz op so that it stands a chance of being noticed? How do you convince people you have something truly valuable to share? There are 5 proven ways.

1. Make Your Program Free To Join - One trait of those seeking business opportunities online is that they have little to no startup money. They also want to "try" your program before making a commitment. For these reasons, you need to offer a "free-to-join" program.

Give people a chance to see for themselves that your program is valid, and can indeed bring in the results you promise.

2. Don't Hide Anything - Most people have realized that they have to ask, "What's in the fine print?" From those awful "Business in a Box" deals (where they promise the sun, moon, and stars and deliver none of it unless you pay thousands of dollars), we learned to stand by the phrase "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

Don't hide anything from your prospects. Tell the truth. Outline exactly what their free membership offers, what they'll have to pay for, what legitimate results they can expect, and how much the whole setup will cost.

When people feel they've been taken advantage of, they tend to become bitter and spiteful. Not only are they likely to tell everyone they know about how they were scammed, but they might even go so far as to notify the authorities.

3. Prove You Want Them To Succeed - Any business opportunity will "say" they want their signups to succeed. But very few of them actually prove it. Give your signups more than the other guy gives.

You might consider offering counselors or mentors to help them during the first few months. Perhaps you can open a discussion board or forum where newbies can chat with the old pros. Go above and beyond to show you will stand behind your signups.

4. Offer Support - In addition to proving you want your signups to succeed, give them the support they need. Sending a periodic newsletter with helpful information is a good idea. Forwarding articles or information you found on the 'Net is another way to be helpful.

Create a "new signup" package that goes out immediately. Fill it with everything you can think of to help your people succeed... testimonials, best practices, resources, dos and don'ts, advice from others, your own email address so they can contact you. You get the idea. After all, when they succeed, YOU succeed.

5. Encourage Comments - As new people go through your system, they are likely to have ideas on what works and what doesn't. Listen and always encourage comments and ideas! Not only will encouraging comments help your new recruits feel like part of the team, it can also offer you exceptional insights into how to grow and improve your biz op. People are tired of scams. They want "real" business opportunities that actually work. If you structure your biz op so that its primary focus is helping new signups to succeed, you will grow your reputation, your scope of business, your territory, and your profits.

Sandra Stammberger works with legitimate businesses to help them promote their biz ops to thousands of interested individuals. Her company offers affordable, responsive guaranteed sign-ups for MLM Companies, Affiliate programs and Downlines.

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