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4 Ways to Help and Get Help From Other WAHMs


The wonderful thing about WAHMs is that we all work together to help one another. All of us know what it's like to work with screaming children in the background, understand what it means to go all day on just a few hours sleep, and cherish the fact that we can earn an income from the comfort of our own home. Regardless of what you do for a living, there are plenty of ways to help and get help from other WAHMs.


1. Find and Share Jobs


As a WAHM, when you are looking for a job, you may come across one that is well suited for another WAHM you know. If you find a job with a company looking to hire several other WAHMs, let others know. When you share the job wealth, you may find other WAHMs are willing to share the job wealth with you. Not all work-at-home moms are aware of all the job sources that are available to them. When you share a job, you may open another mom up to an entirely new job resource.


2. Share Experiences


You will want to know how others feel about a particular company or telecommuting position before you are willing to give information or apply. This is especially true if anything about the job ad or company seems fishy. With the nature of WAHM jobs, there are some out there that will try to take advantage of or scam hard working people. This is why it is important to find out what has happened to other people.


If you need to know more about a job, ask the moms on the forum here. If you see someone asking about a job or a company you've worked for or are currently working for, offer the best answer you can without violating any agreements you may have signed.


3. Market and Promote Each Other


The most successful WAHMs enjoy networking with one another. It's being stuck in the house with the kids that makes being a work-at-home mom a curse. We lean on each other for support, and one of the best ways we can help and get help is to market and promote each others services. Rather than competing against each other, we can work together. When one WAHM is too busy to do all her work, she passes it to another WAHM she knows is not busy and needs it. WAHM writers can promote other writers work on revenue sharing sites. WAHM web designers can work with writers for content.


4. Take Turns Caring for Children


If you know of other WAHM's in your area, don't be afraid to offer to watch the children when one mom has a deadline. She can return the favor for you when have a deadline. Setup play dates too, so the children can get some interaction with others and you can get some adult time.


As a WAHM, you need to always keep your fellow WAHMs in mind. The network of moms is definitely a prime example of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." Get involved with work-at-home mom communities and social networking to meet and reach out to other WAHMs. You'll make great friends, and learn more about working from home with the support of others in the community.

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