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4 Tips to Prepare for a Water Birth


Choosing a water birth is a brave decision for a mother to make. Preparing for it requires a thorough consideration of all aspects of the birthing process as early as the first and second trimester. By the third trimester, expectant women should already have chosen a practitioner and made the necessary childbirth arrangements. During this time, the weight gain would make it more difficult to move around.

Here are 4 tips on how pregnant women can prepare for a water birth.

1. Finding a Practitioner

Find a water birth practitioner. The present obstetrician or health care provider would be a great place to start asking for a possibility of a water birth. Giving birth is no doubt one of the scariest times of motherhood, but mothers can relax more with a trusted medical practitioner or someone they have experience working with already.

When the present health care provider is not equipped for the process, a pregnant woman should find local water birthing practitioners or clinics as soon as possible so trust can be established and the birthing process thoroughly discussed.

2. Check Hospital Policies

Check the hospital policies regarding water birth when opting for a hospital setting. There are only a few hospitals that offer this birthing procedure, and policies may not be established yet or responsive to water birthing needs.

3. Consider a Home Setting

When opting for a home setting, compare costs and consider cleanliness. There are portable birthing tubs that can be setup in a home where most women would be more comfortable giving birth in. When cost is an issue, however, comparisons should be made on how much it would cost to access the equipment and the services of the birthing practitioners at home versus using the facilities of a birthing clinic.

4. Education

Learn about the whole process and what needs to be included. Cleanliness should be established, especially if the equipment is not owned. Towels, tub liners and other things that will be used in the birthing process may also be part of the preparations in a home setting.

Get educated on the birthing process and go over them with the water birthing practitioner. Warm water in the birthing tub can ease the discomfort during labor, however it may also slow down or stop labor entirely when used too early. Expectant mothers should discuss the best time to use the birthing tub with their practitioner, as well as the recommended positions to assume during delivery. As the birthing time approaches, there are bound to be other questions that arise. Be sure to have your questions answered to your satisfaction.

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