4 Tips to Increase Website Traffic


For an online business, taking steps to increase website traffic is essential in keeping the virtual doors open. If people cannot find the website, it makes it very hard to get more traffic. If your website traffic needs a boost, follow these tips to help increase website traffic.


1. Research, Learn and Utilize Principles of Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is all the rage these days. Search engines are now far more sophisticated than they were just ten years ago, and websites have to fight to get to the top rankings, which are the most profitable. A top ranking in the search engines for just one of many keyword phrases searched each day could bring in thousands of visitors each month with no additional thought.


Research the keywords that people are heavily searching. Consider the daily number of searches, as well as how many other websites are showing up as results for those keywords. Write your content based around those keywords, but for your readers, not the search engines.


The algorithms that determine the ranks are frequently changing. Make sure the content and features are engaging enough to keep people on the site, as this factors into ranking. Build links to your site by asking others to link to it. The number of links to a site also plays a role in rankings.


Educate yourself about other SEO principles and techniques with books such as SEO for Dummies. It's not going to happen overnight; a new site will take a few months to move through the rankings, as site age is also a factor.

2. Harness the Power of Social Media


Social media is free and plentiful all over the Internet. Use accounts with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with your target audience members, other business professionals and so forth. Communicate information about your products and services, offering special deals or products to those who become part of your social media networks.


3. Use Article Marketing


There are several different article directories allowing you to submit articles for free. At the end of each article, you'll be able to place a link to a website where people can go for more information. Keep the articles short--around 300-800 words--and related to your website niche for best results. Spread them around various directories. Ezines.com is a popular one because it ranks high in the search engines.


4. Start a Blog


A blog, often considered part of social media, is a great way to provide customers and leads with information on your products and services. It's a great way to inform people about any specials or promotions you are currently running as well. People can comment and discuss your posts, and when they do so, you'll be able to see how interested they are in your business. An RSS feed allows people to subscribe to the blog updates, so you can get more information about how many people are reading your blog based on the subscriptions you see. Offer a free digital product, such as an e-book or presentation to new subscribers to boost readership.


The best thing about these ways to increase website traffic is they are all free, so you won't have to invest any more funds into the business in an effort to make more money from the business.

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