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4 Tips to Help Increase Breast Milk Production


Many are probably aware of how beneficial breast feeding is; not only for the child but for the mother as well. If you are a mother of a newborn, you will have to make some decisions about breast or bottle feeding. You should know that doctors and experts recommend breast feeding; especially for the first six months of your child. But in some cases, there are mothers who don't have enough breast milk for their baby. What can be done in case this happens to you as well?

Breastfeeding Considerations

Most moms who breast feed produce sufficient amount of milk for their baby. On the other hand, there are mothers who produce insufficient amounts of milk for their child. Experts say that cases of breast feeding moms with insufficient milk are quite rare. There are instances as well wherein mothers think they have low milk supply, but in reality they do not. But if in fact, you are producing less milk than required by your child, there are things you can do in order to fulfill the hunger of your infant. This is especially important if your child is going through growth spurts and needs a lot more milk than usual.

Causes of Low Milk Supply

But first of all, let us take a closer look as to what really causes the decrease in the milk supply of a mother. Experts say that the decrease may be attributed to estrogen which contains anovulants (i.e. substances that suppress ovulation). The yield of breast milk may also be affected if the mom suffered certain illnesses. Mothers who don't feed their infants regularly due to pain in the nipple may also experience a decrease in milk production. So what can you do in order to increase your breast milk production?

Tips to Increase Milk Production

  1. Right after you baby is born, try to breastfeed him or her every time the baby is hungry even if there is not much milk produced. The simulation from your baby plays an important role to keep your breast milk production high. So always try to stimulate the breast with the baby during the first few days in order to increase milk production.
  2. The amount of water you consume is associated with the amount of breast milk you produce. So make sure that you always drink plenty of water.
  3. Your diet should include healthy food like fruits and vegetables. Your meals should consist of a lot of grains, beans and nuts.
  4. After breast feeding your infant, pump your breast milk every one and a half hours and store the milk in the freezer. You can feed the stored milk to your baby when he or she is hungry.

If your breast milk production does not improve yet, you might want to consult your doctor. You may need some tests to see if everything is working fine within your body. You may also be taught better breast feeding methods.

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