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4 Tips to Deal with an Unsupportive Spouse


Pursuing your dream of starting your own home-based business is especially challenging when you have an unsupportive spouse. If your spouse has issues with you working at home, here are a few strategies you can adopt to help earn your spouse's approval and make him an integral part of your telecommuting success.

1. Talk About It

Chances are that your spouse doesn't know how much his support means to you. Have a heart to heart with him. Communicate your vision, and present him with a clear and detailed business plan. Sell him your idea as if he were a potential investor. Anticipate any questions he may have and prepare intelligent and well thought out answers. Let him know that you're serious about this and, moreover, let him know that you need his help. If your spouse sees how much time and emotional energy you've invested into this enterprise, he'll have a difficult time not jumping aboard.

2. Create a Budget

If you are leaving a stable, full-time job to pursue your WAHM career, your spouse may have some concerns about the financial well-being of your family. Alleviate his fears by creating a new budget. Make conservative projections and leave some room for overages. Most work-at-home jobs pay less than traditional jobs, so develop a plan to cope with the pay cut. Figure out what expenses can be reduced or even eliminated from your monthly budget. Show your spouse that it's possible to live off of your new salary. Numbers don't lie, and your spouse will have a hard time arguing with them.

3. Develop a Plan for Housework

Your spouse may be worried that your new career path may force you to neglect your household duties. Create a plan for housework. Divide the chores among the two of you and older children. Assure your partner that your family is your priority by providing an alternative game plan for the housework.

4. Spend Quality Time with the People Who Matter Most

Work-at-home jobs are terrific because they offer you flexibility and convenience. However, they tend to consume more time and energy than conventional jobs. Your spouse may be worried that with your new career, you may not have much spare time to devote to your family. Plan to spend extra quality time with him and the kids. Set aside an hour of the day when you're not allowed to touch the computer, answer a phone or do one stitch of work. Designate a day to have a family game or movie night. Make a concerted effort to spend alone time with your spouse. Persuade him that you can maintain a healthy balance between your career and family life.

Shifting gears and starting a new career is a huge challenge. You need the love and support of your spouse. You need to feel that he is there to support and motivate you. Keep the lines of communication open. Be open and honest with your partner. Show him the potential of your idea and do everything you can to keep him involved in the process. Ressure him that you can pursue your passion and still provide your family with the quality of life they've come to expect. Sooner or later, he'll come around and resume his place as your biggest fan.

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