4 Tips for Starting Out as a Realtor


Working as a realtor can be challenging because of the vast amount of competition in any location and on the Internet. However, there are some ways to get a head start. Here are 4 tips to help you launch a successful career:

1. Notify Everyone You Know

Let everyone you know, whether they already own a home or not, that you're in business as a realtor. Give them a card and ask them to keep it for their reference, or to give it to anyone that's looking to buy or sell real estate. You'd be surprised how many people they may know in need of your services. As a group, they have access to more people than you and can keep their ears to the ground for you. Ask their permission to add them to your email list, even if they're not looking to buy or sell anything right now. Getting your email or newsletter will remind them that you're a realtor, and they won't forget to mention you if it comes up in conversation.

2. Become Internet Savvy

Even if you're working in a small town, you need to know your way around the Internet. First, the locals might want you to find information about properties, which may be quicker for you to obtain online. You might need to email them market value information, drawings and other information that they need to buy or sell property. You can take advantage of the opportunities that lie in people relocating to your area if you're online. More than just having a website or blog (which is a must), you should find ways to engage with clients online, whether through forums, social networking sites, etc.

3. Follow Up on Leads

Most of your time should be spent on marketing and following up on leads. If you don't do this consistently, you'll miss opportunities for more business. Schedule a block of time daily just to follow up on leads. Don't get so caught up in setting up and showing properties that you forget this important element of your marketing campaign. Put every lead you generate (or that gets generated for you) in your favorite database program, such as Microsoft Access or Outlook. If you prefer writing them down on paper, use a calendar and pencil in the date that you'll follow up.

4. Don't Stop at the Closing

When you do make a sale and it goes all the way to the closing, don't stop marketing yourself to that seller or buyer. Do everything you can to make the closing experience pleasant and beneficial to your client. Then, follow up with them a week or two later to make sure that everything is well. Mail them an evaluation of your services and include a business card. Ask them to remain on your list, and even consider a separate email list and campaign for buyers and sellers that have successfully used your services. This will help them keep you in mind when they buy or sell property again, or when they're asked for a recommendation of a realtor.

Follow these tips when you're starting out as a realtor consistently, and you'll rise above the competition over time. If you become lax in any one area, you'll leave the door wide open for your competition to get the customers that should be coming to you.

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