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4 Tips for Starting Out as a Hairdresser


There are countless ways you can earn money as a work at home mom, including becoming a licensed hairdresser. Taking the appropriate steps to become a licensed hairdresser takes planning, a budget and a solid business plan. It's best to do the research and planning ahead of time, rather than spending money for training and education that you won't utilize. Depending on your hairdresser specialty, you may spend anywhere from six months to 18 months getting the proper training and meeting educational requirements before applying for a license.

1. Research Local Business Requirements

When planning to run a business from your home, particularly one where clients will be coming to you for services, it is important to begin by researching your local business requirements and laws. You will most likely need to register for a local business license in addition to your official hairdresser license. There may be building, zoning and coding requirements as well, depending on the location of your home. You will need to figure out logistics, such as where will your customers park, where will they go to the bathroom, etc.

2. Create a Manageable Budget

As with any business, you will have to invest some initial capital before you begin to earn a living with your business. Some of the initial costs of becoming a work from home hairdresser include enrollment fees in school, business and hairdresser licensing fees, supplies and equipment that will be needed to provide services, and home set up costs, among others.

3. Create a Niche

You will need to decide on a specialty that will help ensure your success and that you can market well. For instance, you might decide to specialize in hair color and highlights, trend setting haircuts, children's haircuts, set and style for seniors, braid work, etc. Deciding on a specialty doesn't mean excluding yourself from other types of business, it just gives you a specialty to market.

4. Be Prepared to Promote Your Business

Part of marketing your new hairdresser business is promotion. You can find great deals on printed business cards online. You can leave your business card at many local businesses on community boards or at the front counter. If you specialize in doing hair for seniors, be sure to market yourself at local businesses that also specialize in servicing senior citizens. If you have a local senior community center, introduce yourself and your business and leave brochures and business cards. No matter what your specialty is or what other services you decide to offer, be sure to promote a discount to first time customers. This is a great way to entice new clients. With every customer you serve, there is opportunity for referral business so don't forget to give out your business card relentlessly.

As with any business that you decide to start from home, be prepared to allow time for your business and income to grow. Calling other work from home hairdressers is a great way to gather information and find out what the biggest challenges and rewards are.

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