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4 Tips for Starting Out as a Digital Artist


Becoming a digital artist is a form of creative expression that can be profitable. Companies use digital art in everything from web pages to special effects in movies and television. The need for digital art is so great that it makes selling digital artwork an attractive business opportunity for work-at-home mothers. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind before you enter the world of digital art.

Tip 1: Make a Portfolio

If you're interested in becoming a digital artist, your computer is probably filled with lots of examples of your art. Go through what you have, and pick the ones you feel are the strongest. Put them all together, perhaps on a special drive, to be able to easily show them off to prospective clients. As you produce more and more work, you will fill your portfolio with the best work you've done. Use your portfolio as your chance to wow clients, and show them you are worth it.

Make this portfolio accessible to potential clients who might be searching for you, and ensure it is on your website. Also, incorporate the appropriate keywords into your website to guarantee prospective business can find you online.

Tip 2: Make Use of Stock Images

Stock images are photographs--usually taken by professionals--that can be used by digital artists without having to pay royalties. Some stock images can be used for free with no limits, but usually you will pay a one-time fee for a set number of uses. If you don't have strong photography skills, using stock images can save you money having to hire a photographer to take pictures for you to use in your digital art.

Tip 3: Learn the Tools

There are many software and hardware tools that you can use to create digital art. Get experience with as many as you can to find what works best for you. Once you know the tools you plan on using, learn everything you can about them. Take classes, read books and talk to other users of the tools. You can check forums online or join clubs to find other users. The stronger you are in the use of the tools, the more impressed your clients will be.

If you see a work of digital art you like while learning the tools, try to find out which tools the artist used to create it. Learning the tools that artists you like use are a good way to produce work that you will be happy with.

Tip 4: Remember to Save Frequently and Backup

There's nothing more frustrating when a computer glitch ruins hours of work. Be sure to save your artwork every time you think about it. Also, make sure to keep backup copies of all your work--especially work that you've not turned over to your client! This can save you a lot of headaches and stress later on.

Being a digital artist means more than just selling digital artwork. Remember that you are also selling yourself. Be confident and professional. You know that you're the best choice for a company's digital art needs - go out there and show it to them!

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