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4 Tips for Starting Out as a Candle Maker


If candle making is your hobby and you like creating new things, you can become a successful candle maker. You start a successful candle making business within a few months and start earning. You would be able to do something you love and also earn a decent income.

Starting out as a candle maker is quite easy as there are many suppliers who sell all kinds of raw materials at reduced rates for bulk orders. You can run a candle making business right from your home. With a single room or small space dedicated to this craft, you can make hundreds of beautiful candles that will earn you a good and steady income. If you are looking to start out as a professional candle maker, here are a few tips that can help you.

Tip 1 - Give Your Business a Name

To help your customers distinguish your products from other businesses, you will need to give your business a name. Keep it short, easy to remember and catchy. Ensure that the name you select for your business is not being used by another company. You can contact the Patent and Trade Mark Office if you want to find out existing business names. You can also find out whether a particular name has been taken by another company or not.

Tip 2 - License Your Business

Any business, whether big or small needs to have a proper business license. This will certify that the business is legal. But before you can license your business, you will have to decide the structure of the business. Decide if you want it to be a simple home based business, sole proprietorship or any other kind. You should also determine whether you need an Employer Identification Number or tax ID number. This is needed for tax purposes. With a licensed business and a trademark name, customers will have more faith in your products and buy them often.

Tip 3 - Use Competitive Analysis

This is important for running a successful business. With competitive analysis, you can be aware of your current position in the candle making business. Competitive analysis can also provide you with information about your competitors, their market share, market strategies, growth and other important things. Having all this information can help you change or improve certain areas in your business that will increase your sales and profits.

Tip 4 - Include Business Forecasting

Business forecasting is another important business tool if you want to be a profitable candle maker. This is especially necessary for determining sales targets. A month-by-month sales forecast can help you identify problems and opportunities quickly. Accurate sales forecasting and well structured sales plans will help you to develop your business efficiently.

Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you can go ahead with advertising and promoting your business. A great way to do this is by offering candles to restaurants with your company name or sticker on it. You can also donate some candles to a charity as a raffle. This will definitely get people to notice your product and company.

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