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4 Tips for Instant Business Credit Card Approval


An instant business credit card approval may be difficult for some companies to obtain, as most credit card companies have a certain criteria before they approve business credit cards. Instant approval when applying for a business credit card usually takes less than 24 hours which provides businesses a very convenient way to pay their bills and make purchases right away.

Aside from the quick approval process and the convenience it brings, most credit card companies offer cash rebates, huge discounts with their partner establishments and generous repayment schemes to businesses who sign up for their instant approval programs. The more the business utilizes the credit card, the more incentives and benefits it receives.

Instant business credit card approval applications can even be made in stores and shops that your business frequently visits, such as an office supply store or a business equipment retailer. Your purchaser or business representative can use right away the credit card on the spot. This is very helpful when you have limited capital or when expensive equipment is badly needed.

Here are some tips on how to improve your company's chances of getting instant business credit card approvals and how to spot the perfect offer for your business.

1. Shop Around and Ask Questions

When shopping around for instant business credit card offers, compare the introductory interest rate to the card's regular interest rate. Do not be misled by introductory rates, as it covers only a short period of time. You can also ask about travel rewards, cash-back bonuses and other forms of incentives. These incentives and reward points when accumulated might be beneficial to your business.

The card's credit limit and payment terms should also be clear to you before you completely fill out the application form. Take the time to read the fine print and look for limitations, restrictions and unnecessary annual fees.

2. Have Your Business Registered

The majority of credit card companies require businesses to submit proofs of registration when applying for instant business credit card approval. A business Employer Identification Number or EIN is often asked for on application forms.

3. Prepare Your Business Checking Account

Aside from the EIN, credit card companies will also require you to submit proof of a business checking account. An established bank account with good activity will surely increase your chances of having an instant business credit card approved.

4. Prepare Your Business Financial Reports

Business financial reports, such as your credit ratings and history, should be in good standing if you want to get instant business credit card approval. You have to show the credit card company that you are fully committed to your financial obligations and loan payments. Other factors that can affect your instant business credit card application are your business debts, credit worthiness and earning potential.

Once you have the necessary papers after following the tips above, getting an instant business card approval will be easier. It can also help you establish a stable credit score and rating, which can prove useful when making large capital purchases or applying for business loans in the future.

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