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4 Tips for Housework Multitasking


Getting the house clean has to be done around everything else that you have to do, making housework multitasking a must for most people. There are tasks that can be combined in many ways to make the job easier. Here are four tips to accomplish housework multitasking:

1. Create a Cleaning Plan

If you can break down exactly which tasks you want to accomplish, you may be able to see ways that you can make the job easier by multitasking. If any of the tasks can be combines or sone at the same time, you can accomplish your cleaning far faster. If you are washing windows and also countertops, you can combine the two by using an all-purpose cleaner and spraying all of them at the same time and then wiping them all in succession. Once you see all of your tasks written down, you may see ways that you can combine tasks or do them in an order that will make them go faster. The next time that you clean, you can simply redo your multitasking instead of taking the time to make a new list.

2. Clean while Cleaning

Even if you are scrubbing or vacuuming, you can be picking up small pieces of debris and trash at the same time. Professional cleaners do this by wearing an apron with pockets in it and putting small trash items into the pockets as they perform other cleaning tasks. This saves the enormous amount of time that can be wasted by walking to the trash can over and over again, interrupting your other cleaning tasks.

3. Clean by Rooms

Your cleaning will take less time if you can confine it to a specific room at the time. Start with a room that has many tasks to be done within it. Then, you can see tasks that can be done at the same time within that space. Without so far to travel to to several tasks, you will find that the cleaning will take less time. 

4. Make Index Cards of Your Cleaning Tasks

If you can create index cards of the cleaning tasks that need to be done the most, you can help to keep yourself on task easier. Some of everyone's cleaning time is spent wondering which tasks to tackle and spending time trying to remember. You may also spend time simply walking around and assessing what needs to be done. If you can create index cards as you see tasks that need to be done, by the time it's your cleaning time, you will have an efficient set of cards to make it easier to decide what to clean.

As you clean, you can refer to your cards and never miss a task (and not waste time wondering what to do next). Once the index cards are made, you can keep them in one drawer and pull out the cards the next time you need to clean. You can pick and choose the cards you need and place them in one of your apron pockets. This keeps them close by and convenient to pull out while cleaning.

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