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4 Signs You are Working Too Much


As work-at-home moms, many of us are working too much and don't even realize it. Think we're lying? Here are 4 signs that you are an overworked mom. When you start to see these signs, start looking for some stress relief and tone it down a notch.

1. Getting Upset Over Minor Things

If you find yourself getting upset at small things, such as having to wait in line at the grocery store or having to wait on a traffic light to change, you are probably working too much. If you are getting upset over these things because they are specifically inhibiting your ability to get back home to work, you are working too much. Step back and take a deep breath.

2. Working Longer Hours Each Day

If you find yourself steadily increasing the number of hours you work each day, trying to make the most of the day and get more work done, you are working too much. If it seems that working an extra few minutes each day is not helping you get anything done, then stop doing it. Set a schedule, stick to it as best as possible, and move on. Tomorrow is a new day. Constantly trying to shove more minutes into the day will only create a more stressful work environment. Try to lessen your workload, and add on more gradually until you find a good balance.

3. Missing Important Family or Social Events

If you are working so much you are not able to attend your children's school events or important things you have planned with friends and family, you are working too much. If you can't schedule your work around those important events, then you are probably taking on too much work in the first place. The beauty of working from home is that you can set your schedule around any personal commitments you may have. Even if something comes up last minute, most of the time things can be pushed around to accommodate a last minute change.

Some days you will have to accept that you cannot take on a last minute invitation, especially when you are close to a deadline. It is a good idea to have a friend who also works from home that you can share the load with if an emergency situation arises close to a deadline. The WAHM community is very friendly and willing to help, and you can offer to help your friend when the chaos dies down.

4. Ignoring Contact from the World Outside of Work

If you are purposely avoiding your friends and family so you won't have to make any commitments outside of work, then you are working too much. Shutting yourself out from the world around you isn't healthy. Take steps to let friends and family know they should not bother you at certain times because these are times you are working. This way you can be uninterrupted during your work hours, and can make the most of the time so that after work you can make phone calls and visit with friends and family.

If these 4 signs apply to you, take a step back and examine your priorities. Remember that your family always comes first, so create a schedule that successfully achieves balance.

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