4 Rules for Creating a Lively Mom Blog


Creating a mom blog is a harder endeavor than most people may think. A plan needs to be in place in order for the blog to truly grow and succeed. Posting will be the easy part, because our children will provide us with plenty of ideas. Take a look at these 4 rules to creating a mom blog so you can start your new "baby" on the right foot.


1. Niche Angle


A niche angle? Isn't that what a "Mom" blog is already? Well, yes. Motherhood is a blogging niche. Everywhere on the blogosphere there's a mom blog, because there are many moms who enjoy the escape blogging provides for them. Think of a sub-niche. Are you a mother of multiples? A mother who works outside the home? A single mother? A disabled mother? A vegetarian mother? An organic mother? Find another smaller angle to target to give more focus and life to the blog. Once you've found the sub-niche, you have an angle you can use to develop other elements of the blog, such as the name, the design or special segments such as, "Movie Monday."


2. Fun, Interesting Header and Design


This is true of all blogs, but certainly mom blogs because there are so many of them out there. Make the design something you love, but something the readers will enjoy and remember too. Many mom blogs incorporate several facets of motherhood into the blog header, with photos of their own children (or graphics of a busy mother with her children). Get creative. If you love it, it will shine through the blog.


3. Product Reviews


Moms everywhere, no matter how many children they have, no matter what income or job they have, want to know what something is like before they buy it. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing something for their kids. Mom blogs are the best places to go for product reviews, because when moms get something they like, they love to share it with everyone they know (and the same goes for when moms get something they don't care for).


4. Contests and Giveaways


A great way to entice people to subscribe to the blog is to provide contests and giveaways. This will be difficult until a readership is established (and sends people to you with things to talk about on the blog). Start networking with people through social media, and eventually you'll be able to provide cool stuff to your readers for free. In the beginning, look for ways you can offer products and services to your readers without spending any of your own money. Talk to others and see if there's anything you can do for them (build a website, write an article, etc.) in exchange for providing a contest prize.


What's so wonderful about all the mom blogs out there is they are all connected, willing to share the love and welcome new mom bloggers to the community (where there is a lot of support). While these are not the only steadfast rules to creating an awesome mom blog, it is certainly a start. Every mom blogger you speak to will likely be able to add a rule or two this list, but take suggestions into consideration, and adapt the blog into your own. Always remember to post regularly, engage the readers and reach out to other Mom bloggers!

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