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4 Resources to Find Freelance Proofreading Jobs


Freelance proofreading is one of the best jobs available for work-at-home moms. You have to be detailed oriented, be able to meet deadlines and have excellent grammar and spelling skills. If you meet those criteria, you're well on your way to making a living from your home office. To get there, you'll need to find freelance proofreading jobs.

1. Freelance Writing Gigs

Deb Ng and her writing team search the web and find freelance proofreading jobs for you daily on It's a top online community for freelance writers and editors. Proofreading jobs are posted under its own section, so it's easy to search quickly for those jobs. The listings come from multiple sources, and employers can post job ads as well. The fact that it's a blog is great, because people can comment on the various job postings. Maybe a link in the job ad doesn't work, or someone has experience with a company or employer and wants to warn others to be cautious. Check the jobs and comments daily, as jobs tend to close fast due to so many people applying.


You can find freelance proofreading jobs on as well. Check listings in large metro areas, such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Search your area as well for any listings. You can find good opportunities on Craigslist, but you should never respond to an ad:

  • That doesn't have an email address with an official website
  • Asks you for a resume without giving a link to a website with an application form or an email address with a URL for you to check
  • Wants you to work for free as a "test" to see whether you're a good fit

Craigslist is a such a great resource, that it's become infested with spammers and identity thieves. Be very picky about who you send information to. Even a simple email response to a job ad can result in endless spam emails that fill your inbox and eat away at your time.

3. Local Newspaper Publishers

If you subscribe to local newspapers, or read them online, you're no doubt proofreading them. Why not get paid for it? Smaller newspapers hire freelance proofreaders to help them avoid embarrassing mistakes. You'll have to be proactive and approach it as a business opportunity. For example, take the latest publication and edit all the mistakes. Cold call the publisher and try to get a meeting. Try to bypass editors who are afraid to lose their job, because you pointed out errors. If calling doesn't work, attend a speaking engagement or an event where the publisher will be present. Network with them, and hand them a letter with the corrections.

4. Chamber of Commerce

Business owners need freelance proofreading services to review their marketing materials, including their website. They may not know to post anything on Craigslist or elsewhere, so you'll have to make your talent known. Present a workshop and attend seminars and events informing businesses on how you can help them put their best foot forward. If you spot errors in the materials they have, show them a few, and ask them to hire you to do more proofreading.

Use online and offline tactics to find freelance proofreading jobs. The more jobs you get, the more referrals and opportunities you'll have.

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