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4 Requirements for Becoming a Language Trainer


A language trainer helps people to master a language well enough to live and conduct business while using it. If you are able to meet a few basic requirements, being a language trainer might be a career option for you.

1. Strong Grasp of the English Language

Most native-born Americans speak English, but not everyone has a thorough command of it. To be a successful language trainer it helps to have certain expertise of the language. Knowing parts of speech, sentence structure, and even a basic understanding of the complex field of linguistics, all make you better equipped to aid a struggling ESL student.

2. A Respect for Language Differences

You don't need to be an accomplished speaker of your student's native language. But it is wise to know the differences between your languages. Do they transpose verbs and nouns? Do different inflections change the meaning of the word? Does there exist English sounds that aren't even used in their native tongue? To accomplish this, you will simply need to spend time studying your student's language of origin, through audio methods, as well as literary. This can be a tidy order if you are teaching multiple students from different backgrounds. But, being able to say you are familiar with more than one language will make you that much more of a desirable candidate to hire.

3. Excellent People Skills Home and Abroad

Learning a new language, whether in a class or even with the benefit of a private tutor, can be an intensely frustrating experience. It is up to you to aid your clients through this frustration, while keeping your own in check. You must also be able to surmise your client's weak areas and then employ methods to conquer those areas that suit each student personally. Though stateside jobs are available in this field, a language trainer can increase their likelihood of a hire with a willingness to travel overseas. A love of travel can be an intrinsic part of the successful language trainer.

4. Training and Education

It is possible to gain a position teaching English overseas without specific training. Some programs exist where all that is required is a college degree, and it is possible to be hired with even fewer qualifications. Even more than a college degree, employers are looking for someone with training in teaching English. There are many legitimate online programs that certify people to teach English in foreign countries. Sites such as or  are two of numerous sites that offer gateways to certification programs. While it is always important to research the validity of any online program before sending your money in, legitimate programs are plentiful. A certification from one of these programs will make you a more valuable hire for teaching at home and abroad. They might also allow you access to existing job openings through the teaching program's connections.

The English language is often called "the global language." The majority of international school children now study English as part of their curriculum, as did their parents. They understand English basics, but are not necessarily strong in conversational or business English. That is where the language trainer comes in, providing a challenging and awarding job for natural teachers and language lovers.

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